Easy Indoor Houseplants Anyone Can Keep Alive

Many people would love to keep plants at home, but plants – similar to pets, require maintenance. With our busy lives, it’s not surprising that many people kill too many plants or are afraid of getting some.

Luckily, the answer to easy indoor houseplants doesn’t need to be a cactus. I prepared a list of low maintenance indoor plants. While you still need to provide them with the right environmental conditions to thrive, it doesn’t take much effort.

Easy Plants to Grow at Home

One of the best facts is that plants improve studies by enhancing the focus of people working in the environment. This is likely the result of toxins being filtered out of the environment. Houseplants lower blood pressure and heart rate as well, thus making you feel amazing!

Plants also reduce anxiety and stress. There’s a reason that flowers are a common tradition to people in the hospital.

Easy House Plants

While you may not have a green thumb, it’s not that difficult to develop one. And with these indoor plants that require little to no maintenance, you’re starting off on solid footing.

The indoor plants listed here will thrive as long as you give them some indirect sunlight, a bit of water now and then, and mostly just leave them be!

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