Spring White Dress Outfit Ideas

No matter where in the world are you, botanic gardens are always a nice place to spend an afternoon and shoot some photos. Denver Botanic Gardens are no different.

It’s been raining almost every day recently, so when the sun came out I threw on my new white dress and went out. I love the idea of combining colorful items with white dresses to make it casual from the back and eye-catching from the front.

White Dress Outfit Ideas.
Lemon Bag and heels paired with white dress.


DRESS: Georgine Dress White (wearing size S)
SHOES: Lulus Classic Natural Heels (wearing size 7)
BAG: Shein Lemon
EARRINGS: Kiwi from Fruit Collection
SUNNIES: Perverse Acid Cat-Eye

Lady with Yellow Accessories paired with spring white dress smelling flowers.
Lady with spring white dress and yellow accessories at Japanese Gardens.
Lady in spring style White Dress Outfit sitting on a bench.
Lemon shaped spring Bag, yellow sunglasses and bead bangles.
Butterflies and bees with flowers.
Lady wearing spring white dress at Denver Botanic Gardens.
Spring white dress outfit paired with yellow sunglasses and lemon bag at bamboo forest.
Spring white dress outfit paired with yellow sunglasses.

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