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My name is Anna. I’m a Polish-born adventurer who has been traveling the world for the past decade. At 20, I embarked on a mission to see the world while building my career by studying and working abroad.

I started my now award-winning travel blog Anna Everywhere first as a hobby, just to share my travel tips with a broader audience. Sometime later and a ton of work was involved and Instagram and Youtube took off and became my full-time job. (No, I will never tell you that you can become a blogger or influencer in 5 minutes – if you want to make a real career out of it you need to put a lot of effort into it and keep on learning.)

While my travel blog has brought even more amazing opportunities to travel and I’m glad I had a platform to connect with more people, before my travel blog I’ve never wanted to travel nonstop for a reason.

I love to travel but I also enjoy learning new things, focusing on my passion projects in human rights, stable friendships, training aerial acrobatics, having my own garden with tons of animals, and much more than that. However, keeping up with all these activities while being on the road constantly can be difficult.

Why I Started This New Blog? What Makes Me Qualified to Talk About Things I Talk About?

After running Anna Everywhere for a while I realized that I really don’t like to put myself in a box that says ‘solo female adventure travel blog’ and stick to that. Regardless of my travel style, I hated the fact that now that I travel with kids or my husband sometimes as well, I should just stick to my niche.

Simply because my brain doesn’t function that way. When my parents used to ask me what I want to do when I grow up, I always replied that I wanted to do everything. To which my parents always replied: it’s impossible.

I guess that’s what made me take it as a challenge and actually try out lots of careers in 8 different countries in various niches, companies and my own ventures.

While I’m a historian, lawyer, journalist and philologist by education, I used to work in marketing, seo, public relations, and real estate. I was also a health journalist, translator, editor, and model and also worked at a museum and IGO.

That’s not counting my part-time hospitality jobs during my studies. I did a fair share of waitressing and bartending and frankly, it was lots of fun.

I didn’t come from money, nor did anything (including the language) has been given to me as I came to the US as an adult. I’ve lived all over the US but as of 2023 we’re based in North Carolina.

I currently run 3 successful websites, travel, raise kids and a mini animal farm, and had a clothing and toy store that’s still running.

What’s Anna In the House About?

Anna in the House was created to Inspire, Connect, Educate & Empower. I created this space to share my world beyond travel.

I aim to help show readers how to bring my tips into their everyday lives.

Whether it’s motherhood hacks, home design, fashion, career-changing tips, or simply stories!

Meet the Other Family Members


He complains that Anna has too many clothes, but when you look into his wardrobe you may find about a dozen backpacks. Apparently, he needs them all.

Matt is a fellow travel blogger who loves to snowboard and hike in the middle of nowhere for days without having to talk to other humans. Or Anna.

His best friend is definitely Poofy the Cat.

Dylan (the Preschooler)

AKA little Bub or Buberson at home. Always a very tall dude with a full set of teeth before he turned one. People think he must be at least 2 years older than he actually is, especially since he’s always been an avid talker.

He’s been an excellent traveler since birth and a baby that never cried on planes. Really.

He’s obsessed with ducks, flamingos, technology, and choo-choos.

A little weirdo. If you try to serve him ice cream, burger, or pizza he’ll ask for broccoli instead.

He might give you a death stare or smile when you wave at him – but if you’re a woman there’s a big chance he’ll give you a flirty smile and say “hiiiii I like your shirt”.

Holden (the Toddler)

AKA our Mexican taquito or Chonk. The last addition to the family as of 2021.

He’s the first Mexican in the family. Very strong baby; began lifting his head when he was just 2 weeks old, but unlike his older brother, very careful.

He’s a big cat lover so the biggest fan of Poofy in the house. Obsessed with cars and balls… instead of walking after taking his first steps started playing soccer instantly.

He will fight you for food, no matter what it is.

The complete opposite of his older brother in every aspect. Maybe apart from being an early teether.

Poofy The Cat (the oldest baby)

Poofy the Fluffy Cat is a white fuzzy Ragdoll, who thinks he’s a dog or human. Incredibly clumsy, but he’ll follow everyone around.

He only learned to jump on counters at the age of 3 and still doesn’t always make it up there. Can’t hunt, squirrels hunt for him instead.

Instead, Poofy is an avid traveler and enjoys adventure sports.

He was originally quite skeptical about his baby brothers coming home, but eventually got used to sharing his toys.

He has become a professional baby equipment tester (as pictured).

Fiona, Esmeralda, Cassandra, Blue, Delta, Echo

A flock of ladies who poop breakfast.

Mix of Plymouth Rock hens and Silkie Bantam chickens, along with two Pekin Ducks.

Constantly fighting and chasing each other. Fiona is a big chicken bully, but ducks are bossing her around these days.

Toddler Gift Guides and Baby Gear Reviews

Clever gift ideas for toddlers are difficult. Growing up in the 90s in Poland when we had absolutely nothing, I’m still overwhelmed by the amount of choice and amount of things available out there. Still, I think so many toys are completely useless or even unsafe. Whether is birthdays, Christmas holidays, or family reunions, I created gift guides for children any age, including babies.

These lists are not split into gifts for toddler boys and gifts for toddler girls, simply because kids play with the same exact things and we shouldn’t put everything into gender categories.

Gifts for new parents & babies | Gifts for Newborns (& baby showers) | Gifts for 1-year-old boys & girls | Gifts for 2-year-old girls & boys | Gifts for 3-year-old girls & boys | Travel gifts for toddlers

I’m also adding a lot of gear reviews and specific toys or items. All reviews are based 100% on first-hand experience and not sponsored or censored. Learn more on the links below – if you have additional questions leave a comment on the article and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Music toys | Activity tables | Tricycles Toddler Backpacks | Step stools | Learning Towers | Inflatable Slides | Climbing toys | Puzzles | Wagons | Scooters | Lunch boxes | Block sets | Bikes | Busy boards | Drum sets | Tool sets | Realistic Dolls | Kitchen Sets | Toddler Cameras | Headphones | Remote control cars | Swings | Pikler triangles | Trampolines | Montessori Practical Items | Montessori Baby Toys | Water Slides

As I found out the hard way that picking the right stroller is not as simple as it seems at first, I tested almost all single strollers, travel strollers, double strollers and various accessories available on the market. Along with a good amount of car seats.

Travel Strollers | Double Strollers | Sit and Stand StrollersTravel Car Seats | Baby Carriers | Baby Hiking Backpacks 

Other baby gadgets and necessary items. When the first baby was born we got gifted an insane amount of things that were absolutely not necessary and found others that were a total lifesaver and needed, but no one really thought of at first.


Registry hacks | Baby bassinets | Bath Towels | Bathtubs | Bibs | Blankets | Baby Beach Tents | Baby Soft Books | Bottle Drying Racks | Booties | Baby Bottles | Baby Car Mirrors & Window Shades Baby Onesies | Baby Rattles | Baby Socks That Stay On |  Crib Bumpers | Changing Pads | Floor Seats | Foam Play Mats | Baby Gates | Baby Sun Hats | High Chairs | Jumpers, Bouncers & Floor Seats | Long-range Baby Monitors | Nail Clippers | Night Lights | Pillow for Baby Flat Head | Baby Shoes | Spoons For Self-feeding | Baby Sunscreens | Baby Swings | Teethers | Toddler Toothbrushes | Baby Utensils | White Noise Machines 


Alarm clocks | Toddler Beds | Toddler Snowsuits |

As a mom you’re naturally bombarded with various crazy tips and new trendy advice on how to raise your kids. I included various tips and the most well-asked topics:

Pregnancy & Maternity Useful Tips & Gear

I’ve been pregnant three times and ended up with two beautiful children. Each time my pregnancy journey has been way different and not without unexpected surprises. My first son was born in Poland which wasn’t planned at all (if you’re interested, here’s a long read), while my second son was born in Mexico which this time was planned.