Closet Organization Ideas That Will Give you More Space

Closet organization is always an issue and comes with its own set of unique challenges. Whether it’s running out of space or having trouble finding a specific outfit, organizing your closet can go a long way towards lessening the burden.

Having a well-organized closet will make it easier to keep other parts of your home organized. It all starts with this important endeavor.

The truth is that there are so many possibilities for closet organization that it’s impossible to list them all. So I’ll try to touch on the best ones.

This is what you DON’t want to end up with – you’ll never know where anything is.

1. Closet Organization Starts with Getting Rid of Anything you Don’t Use

Decluttering is always the first step and this is true for anyone. So get rid of anything that you don’t use. When you hide everything that you own in a bin, you’re not being organized. You’re being a hoarder.

So the first step is to take everything out of the closet and then go through it item by item. Replace anything that you use and donate anything you don’t use.

If there are items that you just bought and never used, or if you’ve only used them a few times, and you’re just holding on to them because they’re worth so much, why not swap them out for something else.

There are quite a few sites where you can exchange your clothes for good or better ones. Try Rehash ClothesSwap, and Swap Society.

Or, if you just want to buy a new piece and rotate your old one you can also sell on Mercari.

2. Create a Sorting System to Maximize Space

Creating a sorting system is a great way to make the most of the limited space you have, which is the ultimate goal in closet organization. Most closets have a lot of unused space.

For instance, the area under the hanging bar is normally unused unless you make it a shelf. So use every inch of the closet to your advantage.

Creating a closet system can be a significant investment and initially, it’s a pain to sort through everything, but you want every piece of clothing to have its own specific placement.

You should also create zones that put specific items together. For instance, separate casual shirts from business shirts.

3. Make the Most of Empty Space

If you can see the floor or the wall, then that’s considered empty space and it should be used to its fullest. Most people waste this space so I’m going to show you a few ways to make the most of it.

The first method is to put a dresser underneath the hung clothing to fill that area. Cube units will also work if there’s not space for a full dresser, but make sure they’re transparent – makes things much easier.

You can also divide up larger drawers with bins so that you can organize more than one item inside of it. For example, the top drawer might be large enough for both a husband and wife’s undergarments so you could use a pair of bins to separate the two while using up just a single drawer.

Another great space filler is a cart. This is also a better choice for some because of the versatility it allows. Just move the storage cart out of the way if you need to get past it for some reason.

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4. Use All Wall Space to your Advantage

If you haven’t noticed, the theme is to find closet storage ideas that utilize all available space. So every section of your wall should be used as well, including the inside of the closet door. Hanging units will help you make the most of this space.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box either. A simple spice rack, for example, can hold smaller items like makeup. Or a wire bin might help store accessories like a bathing suit or tank tops.

5. Get the Most from the Top Shelf

Not everyone makes the most from the top shelf in a closet because it’s difficult to reach so let’s see what we can do about that!

One of the best methods is to use lightweight containers to store lightweight items so that you can move them down easily. You’ll also be able to put them back without a problem. The top shelf is great for seasonal items such as scarves or mittens that you’ll only use a few times a year.

With that said, the best use for the top shelf is to store small accessories so that you are freeing up the main space for larger items.

6. Stop Storing Shoes on the Floor

Using up floor space with shoes is a big mistake and should be avoided in favor of dressers and/or shoe storage units. The backside of the closet door serves as a perfect place to install a shoe organizer.

This is always much more optimal than putting the shoes on the floor and then having to sort through a pile of random shoes to find the pair you want.

You can also make things easier by sorting your shoes by type. When you use a shoe organizer, it’s easy to categorize your shoes so that it’s easier to find the pair you’re looking for if you happen to be in a rush.

7. Certain Clothing can be Folded

While you can’t exactly fold business suits or dress pants, you can fold and store casual attire in a storage bin or dresser. Sweaters and t-shirts are two great examples of clothing that doesn’t have to be hung. Folded clothes take up way less space so if you are having trouble with the space in your closet, then see what you can fold.

Remember to keep clothes that you wear more often inaccessible locations so that you’re not tempted to fall back into bad habits.

Another small tip that goes well with this section is that you can also stack certain items. Bras are a good example to illustrate this. If you have more than one bra of the same type, consider placing them inside of each other and then hang them as a group rather than spreading them out.

8. Label Bins and Drawers

Labeling your bins and drawers makes it easier for you to find them when needed. One of the reasons that people get disorganized is because they are in a hurry.

When we get in a rush, we’re not thinking of organization so we just toss everything around to find what we need. If it’s labeled (this label maker is great!), then you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for.

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9. Organize Jewelry

Now we’re getting into accessories. If you have space left on the wall after organizing everything, then consider one or two shower hooks for necklaces. You could also get a wall-mounted jewelry organizer that hangs inside or outside your closet.

But if there’s no wall space left, then you can also use a tray to organize your jewelry set. Just remember that it’s more difficult to find specific items in a tray so you want to keep it assorted as possible.

10. Clothing Dividers are Great for Closet Organization

Clothing dividers are an amazing accessory for categorizing your hung clothes. They will save you time when you’re trying to find an outfit. Dividers are exceptionally useful in children’s closets because it helps them know where everything is rather than pulling out several items to find one thing to wear.

Separators are NOT just for baby clothes. You can customize them for various items.

11. Get A Clothing Rack

For items that you use regularly, why not get a clothing rack?

A good quality clothing rack is the best place to store the pieces of clothing and accessories you and your family use regularly. This ensures you don’t have to rummage through your closet and cause a mess while looking for that essential item of clothing.

12. Place a Donate Bin in or Near your Closet

This will help prevent your closet from getting cluttered with things you never use. When you find a piece of clothing that you don’t like anymore, toss it into the donation bin. It helps prevent you from hoarding things you never use.

Final Thoughts on Closet Organization

As you have seen, the best closet storage ideas are ones that make use of empty space. Closet organization requires you to develop better habits though or else you’ll end up right back where you started. The key is to make it efficient and easy to manage so you’re not tempted to get complacent.

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