Amazing Art Easel for Kids to Inspire Creativity

Encouraging creativity and expression through art is a great way to develop your child’s imagination and motor skills in a fun and colorful way. An easel for kids will give your child a designated art station to help them pursue their creative side, but with so many options available, it can be hard to decide which is best for your family. 

Here is a list of 6 amazing easels for kids of all ages to help you pick.

Why Choose an Easel for Kids over a Table? 

Using an easel not only encourages fine motor skills when moving the paint or pen around the surface, but the angle of the easel also engages large motor skills as it works the entire arm from the shoulder down. There is generally also a larger surface area to cover which again means a greater range of motion.

Another benefit of using an easel instead of a table as it gives your child a designated art space which could potentially reduce the risk of you ending up with a work of art permanently drawn on the dining room table or walls.

What Age Can Toddlers Use an Easel?

Can a 2-Year-Old Use an Easel? Absolutely! There are many different easels out there that are designed for youngsters as little as 24 months to get creative with chalk, markers, or paint. 

Of course, you should supervise your child when working with these items but most of the easels on this list have adjustable heights, rounded covers on all screws and no sharp edges.

Art Easels for Kids

Best Kid’s Art Easels

Best Overall: Hape All in One

If you’re looking for an easel that can do it all, this is a great choice as it comes with a chalkboard, magnetic whiteboard, and paper roll

There’s a convenient storage shelf, three paint pots, and an adjustable height from 37.5” to 43.5” making this easel one of the best overall art easels for kids. 

You can even fit most no-spill cups in the pain pot holders if you want a secure way for your kids to enjoy a snack while they become little artists.

Best Themed Easel: Paw Patrol Easel

For kids as obsessed with the show as mine, this fun-themed easel is a great Paw Patrol gift for any young artist. 

The simple easel design has two sides, one for chalk and one for whiteboard markers, plus comes with a magnetic Paw Patrol puzzle and alphabet letters. 

While it isn’t adjustable like the one I talked about above, this wooden easel is super sturdy with lots of storage space in the additional boxes below the easel.

Multifunctional Budget Easel: Crayola Kids Easel

While many kid’s easels come with all the bells and whistles, for those of you looking for a simple option that won’t break the bank, this is the best wood easel for toddlers.

The height is easily adjustable and the pack includes Crayola chalk and whiteboard makers that can be used on each of the respective sides. There’s also a large storage tray below the boards that can fit all your child’s art supplies. 

If you want to add something a little extra to this budget-friendly crayola easel, I recommend picking up a set of alphabet magnets to give your child an extra way to utilize the easel.  

Best Indoor Toddler Slides
easel for kids

With Learning Tower: Foldable Kitchen Helper with Blackboard

Also known as a Kitchen Helper, a Montessori learning tower is an amazing, multifunctional tool that allows your child to safely be involved in day-to-day activities such as cooking, teeth brushing, and much more. 

I highly recommend them regardless of whether or not you are following Montessori practices, and this one includes a blackboard easel so it can be used for gaining both height and creativity. 

The chalkboard can be used while it is stood upright but the kitchen helper can also fold down to create a table and seat for your little one to draw at.

Best for Multiple Kids: US Art Supply

If you have more than one child of different ages, this 3 sided easel is amazing. Each side can be individually adjusted up or down to account for different heights, while still being able to be used by 3 children at the same time. 

The easel also includes a paper roll, pain pots, magnets, plenty of storage, and child-safe nobs on all screws with a sturdy wooden design. 

A potential downside of this easel is that it doesn’t fold up once assembled so it does take up a little bit of space, however probably not more than having 3 different easels!

Best for Outdoor & Indoor: Mojitodon

Last but not least, the Mojitodon Easel is a fully plastic, rotating easel that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The two-sided white and blackboard design can be used by two children at once or flipped over 180 degrees to access the alternative side

This easel comes with additional feet which can be attached to the base of the easel to make it suitable for smaller toddlers, as your child grows you can then re-attach the extended legs for a higher reach. 

In addition to the magnetic letters, whiteboard markers, and chalk, the pack comes with a chalk holder so your hands don’t get dirty while drawing on the blackboard side. 

art easel for toddler

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