Barumba Play Couch: Best Nugget Alternative

The Nugget couch has been popular for years now as it’s a great multifunctional toy for a child of any age. We owned multiple Nuggets and while we loved it. However, we quickly realized that you need multiple ones to make it fun when it comes to configurations and ideas.

As a result, not surprisingly, many parents are looking for best Nugget alternatives. Before anyone asks, I’m not talking about Nugget dupe from Costco. The quality simply isn’t there as the couch bends weirdly and isn’t durable.

I recently tried a newer competitor called Barumba Play Couch and I must say that I was positively surprised. I think it’s the best Nugget alternative.

Nugget alternative: Barumba couch
Barumba couch vs Nugget Comfort

Advantages of Barumba Play

The Barumba is an 11-piece couch that was created by a Canadian mom. Their material is similar, also microsuede and certified polyurethane foam (you can verify by looking them up in the CertiPUR-US directory). Just like with the Nugget you can unzip the Barumba cover and wash it, but there’s one huge difference between these two:

The inner liner of Barumba is waterproof! It’s crucial because we all know that kids can spill things, diapers can leak and potty training toddlers might have an accident. It’s already included with the play couch unlike on the Nugget where you’d have to pay an additional $100+ for it.

Waterproof cover inside Barumba play couch

Unlike the Nugget which is simple with just flat foldable parts and triangle-shaped blocks, it contained more blocks in different shapes. Especially the bridge blocks are amazing because they can easily create a tunnel or entrance to their forts.

We usually let the kids take the lead and just offer help when it comes to moving bigger blocks. Barumba offers a library of creations on their site in case you want to experiment with a specific design.

Best Nugger Alternative

Is Barumba Better than the Nugget Couch?

Based on our experience, yes it is. While the price seems to be double ($515 vs $249 for Nugget) the set contains 11 pieces instead of just 4. Ultimately, you need at least 2 Nuggets to get fun configurations. You can easily do enough with just one Barumba Play.

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