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The Nugget Couch: Is It Really That Great? (+Tips on How to Score One!)

If you have a toddler and haven’t heard of the Nugget yet, you must have been living under a rock. It’s one of THE most-wanted toys, but also extremely hard to get.

Unsurprisingly a small company that funded the Nugget Couch through Kickstarter back in 2015 became one of the fastest-growing in the USA this year. Despite the pandemic.

The Nugget Couch Review – 2020 edition

This post is NOT sponsored by Nugget in any way. I bought my own Nugget Comfort in June restock and quite frankly just ordered another one in their summer restock.

Quite frankly when I first heard about it my first thought was: “Seriously? It’s just a piece of foam. Why do I need this?”.

But, as I kept hearing it about it over and over from every single mom on Facebook I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did as I totally see why the Nugget gets all the attention.

Lagoon Nugget Couch

What’s the Nugget?

The Nugget Comfort is best described as “part-furniture and part-toy”. It’s basically a play couch made up of four foam pieces: base, cushion, and two triangle pillows.

The design is simple and hasn’t changed for years. It’s made of simple foam with a washable microsuede fabric cover available in different colors – many of which are limited edition and only sold temporarily.

It can be used as a couch for kids as it sits on the floor, but it’s best used for building forts, slides, tents and tunnels. I’m not surprised why many parents say it’s the best toy ever – my kid jumped on it immediately and he’s not even 2!

The no-assembly required Nugget is delivered in a bright orange vacuum-sealed 15x15x34 inch box. The covers are super easy to remove and put back on when you need to wash them.

What I Love About the Nugget

The best part of the Nugget are endless possibilities! It can grow with the kids (I remember building forts out of furniture myself still halfway through primary school) and there are many alternative ways to use it.

It’s not too flashy like most kids furniture or toys (it can even come in black!), so it can easily be mistaken for an adult lounger.

The Nugget configurations

Is the Nugget Perfect? What You Might Not Love

I’m not going to lie to you – the Nugget is definitely not a perfect product.

Microsuede material used for the cover is usually made of polyester which some families aren’t comfortable with for their children.

While it’s non-toxic, pet hair sticks to it easily so if you have a hairy cat or dog keep this in mind.

The cover isn’t waterproof so any spills (because it’s kids obviously!) require undressing your Nugget and washing it relatively quickly.

The insides are made of Polyurethane foam that normally does emit toxic fumes or VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), but the Nugget is CertiPUR-US certified which means the emission is extremely low and could be classified as non-toxic.

Also, while the Nugget is a US company based out of North Carolina, not all materials are made in the US. The fabric for covers is sourced from China and El Salvador, and while there’s nothing wrong with it (99% of products are sourced or produced elsewhere these days) some parents prefer to buy things made entirely in the US.

How to Buy the Nugget Couch? (+ how to score one!)

The price of a Nugget is $229 ($249 for an upgraded material). They have released one model so far with an upgraded fabric that was $259. Extra covers retail for $99 each. All products include free shipping within the US.

Nuggets are NEVER on sale and if you look at eBay or Facebook Marketplace you’ll notice them being sold for even $600-900. Why?

Because due to its popularity, it’s EXTREMELY HARD to buy the Nugget. You cannot just order one whenever you want. The company is trying to build a new factory to meet the demand, but at the moment they’re doing only a few restocks a year.

Every restocks all the Nuggets disappear within the first 5 minutes. Not surprisingly – last time over 90,000 people tried to buy their dream couch.

Our cat is a big fan as well!

I scored some Nuggets twice already, so here are my best tips for getting one:

Follow Nugget on Instagram and subscribe to their newsletter. It will tell you when the next restock is.

If it says the restock is at 12 ET, be ready a few minutes before that. Make an account way ahead of the restock with your address ready to go. If you don’t have an account when trying to score a Nugget during a restock it’s just not going to happen.

Pay with your credit card! Don’t use Apple Pay or other services, despite it being offered. Most people who tried it didn’t manage to score a Nugget because the system took too long to load.

When the clock changes to 12 ET, refresh and as fast as you can add a Nugget to your card and tick all the boxes below, then click check out.

You’ll be put in a virtual queue. (Last time a website crashed on some people before virtual queue – myself included, but I quickly refreshed and managed).

If you don’t get your spot in a virtual queue by 12:01 the latest, forget it. I’m dead serious.

Many complain that they got kicked out and the screen later showed a sold-out page, but they really weren’t quick enough. Every second matters, so if you keep debating which color or what to do then you simply ain’t gonna get it. I had zero issues twice (I tried both on laptop and phone) apart from some loading difficulties, so it’s not impossible.

In previous restocks you could buy 2 Nuggets, but due to high demand now you can only purchase one per household. This means that if you and your husband get one with the same address both of your orders will be canceled.


Changes to the system – November 2020

Now Nugget Couch is available for pre-order, but there’s a 6-8 month wait.

There’s also a Nugget Lotto – a bit of a weird thing if you ask me. You need to sign up and then they pick a few people on certain dates who are able to order the Nugget immediately.

I’m saying it’s a weird system, because I’ve seen people complaining they they managed to score one, but they’re between paychecks and you really need to order one here and then.

I never even managed to sign up for the Lotto yet. Every single time I tried I was getting a virtual queue and then an error.


If you don’t manage to get a Nugget, it sucks, but you can look into pikler triangles – another climbing structure, and try again in the next restock. Pikler triangle and Nugget are great together, so it’s definitely not a waste!

Alternative Way to Use the Nugget Couch

  • Newborn Matt

If your bub isn’t a toddler yet, it doesn’t mean buying a Nugget now makes no sense. Quite the opposite! Nugget is great for some tummy time as it’s soft enough for a baby.

  • College Dorm

The Nugget was actually originally created for the college market to replace bulky, wasteful, and easily breakable cheap futons. It can surely be used as a couch for sleeping and stored easily when not in use.

  • Camper

Many families reported they use their Nuggets for camping in RV. It’s small enough that can be used for seating or sleeping, even outside as the cover is fully washable.

  • Lounger

I must admit that I used the Nugget myself to chill on when my kid wasn’t using it. If you have a small sofa and guests come over for a movie, simply pull out the Nugget and you’re all set!

Should You Get a Nugget Couch Knock Off?

There are many Nugget Couch know offs out there (for example just take a look at Amazon here), but the main competitor is the Foamnasium Blocksy.

Is it better than the Nugget? Not really, it’s pretty similar but the main difference is the material and the Foamnasium Blocksy is slightly longer. Personally, I’m not a fan of Blocksy’s material.

Foamnasium also comes in different shapes, so if you simply want a climbing structure it might be an option.

The Foamnasium Blocksy cover is made of vinyl, while the Nugget cover is made of microsuede. Vinyl might seem better as it’s easier to clean, but it’s really not very pleasant.

I think a much better alternative than the Foamnasium is a modular loveseat. It’s soft and forts can easily be made of it.

I actually found a great alternative, but slightly more expensive. Children’s Factory blocks are just like the Nugget, but you get it in a month. No lines, no waiting, you can just buy it whenever you please 🙂

Any questions? Feel free to ask me in the comments below!

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