by Anna Karsten

10 Adorable Organic Cotton & Bamboo Baby Clothes Brands

Finding baby and toddler clothes you like and are within your price range can be a challenge.

I can honestly say that I tested a LOT of brands at different price ranges. None of these were sponsored and I’m not obliged to say anything positive or negative about any brand – so if you have any additional questions please ask me in the comment section at the bottom of the post 🙂

BIG NO-NOs and brands I don’t recommend:

When it comes to baby clothes big stores like Walmart, Target, BuyBuyBaby and so on are packed with baby clothes that might seem cheap at the first sight.

The thing is, they look like crap after a few washes, are terribly unsustainable and the designs are quite questionable stereotyping gender and with really stupid slogans.

When I had my first baby I began testing lots of brands after finding out how much choice is out there. Having a tall and skinny boy, I was often looking into girls’ sections as well – only to find that if you visit BuyBuyBaby you’ll pretty much have pink ruffled & blue striped sections available with almost nothing in between.

I wanted the baby clothes to look good without breaking the bank. If you want to get clothes that have a pass-on quality or simply wear them longer than one season, plus are made of good materials I have some recommendations for you.

Before we begin…

Here are some brands I recommend avoiding:

  • Carters – probably the most popular brand in the US and absolutely terrible, cheesy, and quality is bad.
  • PatPat – another popular shop due to prices, but you might be better off getting clothes from AliExpress since they’re basically dropshipping it from there. Most clothes there are super off-size (one set for 3 months was actually 2T) and made of very slimy non-breathable materials.
  • Cat&Jack – leading brand at Target stores, it’s a very stereotypical brand (I challenge you to find a non-glittery or pink stuff for girls), very wide so only works for super chubby babies, and basically done after up to 10 washings (if even). Many of their items get constantly recalled as well.

Great Organic Baby Brands

There are many good brands that while the quality is great, in my opinion, are simply not worth the price. I mean… $70 for a baby romper is a bit much if you ask me.

Organic doesn’t have to mean expensive. These organic and bamboo baby collections are not only chic and affordable, but they’re better for your child’s skin and overall health.

Are bamboo clothes worth the price?

Bamboo clothes are not something it’s typically sold in stores. You won’t find it at Target.

I’m not going to lie – the first time I saw a price of bamboo clothes I was shocked. Why would so many people want to pay so much for clothes their babies and kids would grow out of so quickly.

I was wrong. Bamboo clothes are not only breathable, babies don’t get sweaty in them, it’s better for baby eczema, but also last longer due to stretch. Bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton, while also being hypoallergenic.

The $30ish dollars you’ll pay for a baby romper can last them for several months. When I asked parents about it many swore that their 1-year-olds can still fit in rompers they wore for 3-6 months.

On top of that, no one will buy your old washed off clothes from Carter’s your kid grew out of after a few weeks, but bamboo clothes can look just as good as new and due to its limited edition prints you can pretty much resell them for almost the same price you got it for (some prints are selling for 2x or 3x more if they’re in high demand), so overall it ends up being cheaper.

Most companies drop new limited-edition prints every week and sell out instantly, so you really need to be “on it” and keep refreshing to score what you want (most companies have exclusive Facebook groups to inform everyone about new prints). Blankets sell out in 10 seconds – I’m not even kidding.

1. Kyte Baby (bamboo)

Best For | Bamboo rompers & sleep bags
Products | Baby + Toddler + Adults
Sizing | Runs slightly big
Ships To | International
Price Range | $$

Kyte is many parents’ favorite brand because of its simple, yet stylish prints and availability of simple solid rompers.

On the mid-range side for pricing, but they sell quality items with great resell value. Shipping is super quick as well, pretty much next day.

Get $10 off your first purchase.

2. Monica + Andy (cotton)

Best For | Organic rompers & overalls
Products | Baby + Toddler
Sizing | True to size
Ships To | International
Price Range | $$

Monica + Andy offers the safest GOTS-certified organic fabrics with limited edition prints.

On the mid-range side for pricing, but they sell quality items and you can get discounts like $20 off your first purchase.

Shipping is super quick as well.

3. Posh Peanut (bamboo)

Best For | Rompers, twirls, mom lounge, blankets
Products | Baby + Toddler + Family Matching
Ships To | US, Canada, Australia
Price Range | $$

Posh Peanut is the most desired and popular bamboo clothing company. They release new prints constantly so people have lots of choices.

Their stuff sells the fastest of any other brand.

They do ship everything the same or the next day of your order, but if you want to something super quick they’re also on Amazon.

4. Kate Quinn Organics (bamboo + cotton)

Best For | Organic rompers & overalls
Products | Baby + Toddler
Ships To | US
Price Range | $

Kate Quinn Organics offers boho designs with the best quality on the market if you ask me. Ironically, their products are the cheapest on the market.

They use 100% organic cotton and bamboo and every single product I got was amazing quality and totally worth the price.

5. Touched By Nature on Amazon (cotton)

Best For | Rompers, bibs, crib sheets
Products | Baby + Toddler
Sizing | Runs large but shrinks after the first wash
Ships To | International
Price Range | $

Touched by Nature is a very affordable brand that I found completely by accident on Amazon. I have a lot of their rompers and got bibs recently as well.

They offer a wide selection of playful patterns and animal prints.

6. Children’s Salon Outlet (cotton)

Best For | everything!
Products | Baby + Toddler Kids
Ships To | International
Price Range | $$

Children’s Salon Outlet is a little brother of Children’s Salon that offers designer clothes, but at a fraction of the price (they do have sales as well, so I recommend checking both!).

I always thought designer clothes can be fun, but out of range, but fortunately not with this shop.

Few brands I love from there:

  • Mayoral – we pretty much own pants exclusively from them. You can buy them at their own store, but it’s much cheaper through this outlet.
  • Molo – design, design, design – especially for older kids.
  • My Little Pie – soft baby stuff from Europe with gorgeous gender-neutral designs.

7. Pink Elephant Organics (bamboo + cotton)

Best For | Organic rompers & overalls
Products | Baby + Toddler + Kids + Moms
Ships To | International
Price Range | $$

The Elephant Organics is another small company with quality clothes and awesome unisex designs.

They use 100% organic cotton and bamboo. Their cotton begins with crops that are grown without harsh pesticides, are GMO-free, and use far less water than conventional farming methods.

They run lots of sales, so you can get their items for less.

8. Hanna Andersson (cotton)

Best For | Pajamas
Products | Baby + Toddler + Kids + Matching Adults
Sizing | Slim fit
Ships To | International
Price Range | $$

Hanna Andersson is known for its pajamas for the entire family. We have a ton of their pajamas and they keep going strong.

The use of 100 percent organic Pima cotton ensures these garments are breathable.

Their clothes are made for slim kiddos, so if your baby is chubby it might not be the greatest fit, but for mine it’s just perfect.

9. Little Bum Bums (bamboo)

Best For | Footies, rompers, blankets
Products | Apparel, swimwear, outerwear & accessories (for babies, toddlers, & children)
Sizing | True to size
Ships To | International
Price Range | $$

Little Bum Bums is a small retailer with great quality clothes. It’s all made of bamboo so it’s ultra soft like butter and super gentle on baby’s skin.

They do have sales and offer various promos constantly, so don’t fear the prices.

I’d also like to mention they have excellent customer service, unlike many small companies.

10. Primary (cotton)

Best For | Organic rompers & overalls
Products | Baby + Toddler + Kids
Ships To | International
Price Range | $

Primary uses super soft and sustainable fabrics.

Every color for every kid with no slogans is their motto that I wholeheartedly support.

11. Boden (cotton)

Best For | Sets & shirts
Products | Babies + Toddlers + Kids
Sizing | Runs slightly large
Ships To | International, but takes a while
Price Range | $$$

Boden is a cute UK-based shop with clothes of pass-on quality. It is on the pricier side, but they give you a 6-month warranty that you can send a photo of the item if it got bad in the wash and they’ll refund you.

We have a lot of stuff from them. One thing I don’t recommend is their overalls as I’m yet to find a set that’s not falling off.

Boden also gives back to mental health organizations in its local community.

12. JoJoMaman (cotton)

Best For | Overalls and outwear
Products | Babies + Toddlers
Sizing | Runs slightly large
Ships To | International for a charge
Price Range | $$

JojoMaman is another UK-based brand with a range of cute patterns.

I particularly love their overalls and outwear like jackets and snowpants.

They stopped their US shop due to shipping issues caused by covid, but you can still order from their UK site (in fact, it’s cheaper than it was on the American site) and just pay for shipping.

They also occasionally appear on Zulily and then the shipping is free, so keep an eye out.

13. Owlivia on Amazon (bamboo + cotton)

Best For | Rompers, footies, sleeping bags
Products | Baby + Toddler
Ships To | International
Price Range | $

Owlivia uses cotton certified by GOTS organic and offers completely unisex designs. They recently also introduced a bamboo collection.

Important: cold wash and don’t put in a dryer, otherwise it will shrink enormously since it’s organic cotton.

14. La Redoute (bamboo + cotton)

Best For | Clothes + Bedsheets
Products | Baby + Toddler + Kids + Women
Sizing | True to size
Ships To | International
Price Range | $

La Redoute is a French brand I stumbled upon by accident by stepping into their store in Paris. I immediately bought 3 dresses.

Their clothes are sustainable, designed well and very affordable. They ship internationally.

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