Awesome Toddler Gloves for Every Occasion

Whether you’re looking for a pair of the best waterproof gloves for toddlers, toddler gloves for snow, or some fun gardening gloves for 2-year-olds, you’ve come to the right place. 

With two little boys of my own, we’ve endured many winters and outdoor activities to bring you this list of the best toddler gloves for any occasion to save you time browsing the endless list of products available.

You’ll find all the gloves you could possibly need for your youngster in the list below so let’s get to it.

Are mittens or gloves better for toddlers? 

The debate whether toddler mittens or gloves with fingers are better for youngsters is quite the controversy, while there are pros and cons for both, it really comes down to your child’s preference as well as what activities you will be doing. 

Mittens are easier to slip on and can keep your child’s fingers and hands much warmer in cold temperatures than toddler gloves with fingers, however, your little one will have less dexterity. This means anything that requires more fine control will become more difficult and some children simply don’t like the feeling of not being able to separate their fingers. 

Gloves on the other hand provide a lot more mobility meaning they may be more suitable if your child needs the use of their fingers while wearing them. Getting gloves on can be a little more challenging than mittens but you may not need to do that as often.

Toddler Snow Mittens

Best budget mittens – Thermal waterproof mittens

If you’re looking for a basic snow mitten for sledding and outdoor play in winter, these Thinsulate winter waterproof gloves by Zelda Matilda will more than do the trick. 

With multiple sizes and colors available, you can easily upgrade as your child grows without having to put in any extra effort each year. 

These insulated gloves have a long cuff that slides inside your child’s jacket sleeve to keep the snow and cold out while the hook and loop wrist strap ensures the gloves stay in place no matter what activity you’re doing.

Toddler sledding in mittens

Best ski mittens – Colombia mittens

These Columbia toddler snow mittens are a great choice for skiing as the extra-long cuff fits over the top of your child’s ski jacket. This means no snow can get inside while your little one is sliding down the slopes, helping to keep their hands warm and dry. 

The elastic wrist also makes getting them on and off super easy and the security clip allows you to clip them together when not in use to prevent you from losing one. 

Made by a reputable skiwear brand, you can also be assured that the insulation and waterproofing are top-of-the-line.

Toddler Winter Gloves with Fingers

Basic winter gloves – Momoon Kids Gloves

Similarly to the thermal mittens above, if you’re looking for some simple toddler gloves with fingers that you can use for any occasion, these Momoon winter gloves are the perfect choice.  

Coming in packs of two with a few different color choices, these warm gloves have an adjustable wrist strap to secure the glove in place, an insulated interior, and a waterproof exterior. 

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While they’re great for everyday use and simple snow play, I wouldn’t choose these for skiing as the cuff doesn’t come up high enough to prevent snow from getting inside when outdoors for extended periods of time. 

Gloves for toddler sledding

Toddler Ski Gloves – N’Ice Caps

If you’re looking for snow gloves for toddlers that are suitable for skiing, look no further than ​​N’ice Caps. 

With a long cuff that fits inside your child’s sleeve to prevent snow from entering, these thick and waterproof gloves also feature an elastic wrist as well as a velcro closure to ensure they will stay in place. 

The palm is also covered in an additional patterned material to provide extra grip all over and a reinforced thumb to prevent breakage.

Most fun gloves – Aeromax ASG

For any child who often fights against having to wear gloves, these NASA astronaut-style gloves are sure to encourage them. 

The double elastic cuff can be placed both inside and outside the sleeve to protect against snow and cold air while the adjustable wrist ensures the gloves will stay in place all day long. 

While these are a fun everyday glove and could certainly help encourage an unenthusiastic wearer, I still think the gloves above are a better choice for skiing.

Toddler Gloves for Activities

Toddler Boxing Gloves – Jayefo boxing gloves

The Jayefo kids boxing gloves are the perfect beginner’s glove for any kid who wants to get into Kickboxing, Muay Thai, or MMA. 

With two different sizes (4 or 5 oz), these gloves are suitable for kids from ages 3-9 with a light enough weight for them to hold and punch. 

The inside has double-padded foam and a semi-locked thumb to prevent injuries and the cute faces make it a fun addition to any child’s sports wardrobe.

Toddler Biking Gloves – ZippyRooz

Little bikers learning to ride can protect their hands and get more grip with these adorable kid’s bike gloves. 

Cute patterns and a range of colors are an added bonus on top of the durable materials and easy-to-use design of ZippyRooz which are perfect for kids aged 1 – 8 years old. 

Coming in both full-finger and fingerless styles, the gloves have an additional loop to help your child pull them off all on their own.

Toddler Gardening Gloves – Glosav kids gardening gloves

Most kids love to imitate their parents so if you’re someone who’s always out in the garden, why not get your little one a pair of gardening gloves for themselves? 

These rubber gardening gloves are suitable for ages 2 – 12 years old and come in a range of colors, each with a cute smiley face to make them a little more fun. 

Made with the same quality as proper adult garden gloves, these essential gardening tools are extra durable and can withstand all the dirty jobs your little one tackles in them.

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