Stroller Rental at Disney World: Best Options Inside & Outside

If you’re going to Disney with kids you most likely need to have a stroller. When it comes to babies or toddlers it’s sort of obvious that a stroller is needed anywhere. Considering the amount of walking needed at Disney most people will tell you that you need to have a stroller at Disney even for kids who are 7 years old.

Stroller Rental at Disney
Same stroller rules apply to Disney World and Disneyland

Disney Stroller Rental Options:

1. Bringing Own Stroller

Most people bring their own strollers to Disney. It’s easy and you know how it works. But, as every option it has pros and cons with the biggest pro being that it doesn’t involve an extra cost.

Strollers need to be 31” wide and 52” long or smaller, so be sure to check your strollers measurements ahead of time. Find out more about the best strollers for Disney.

Prices of stroller rental at Disney
2. Stroller Rental at Disney Directly

First of all: why rent a stroller at Disney? The truth is, that you might not use it at home anymore or you don’t want to lug it around.

We rented a stroller last time simply because we were visiting a few different places where our kids wouldn’t need a stroller. We knew that we didn’t want to or need to lug a stroller around other places just to use it at Disney, so naturally, we rented one.

Renting a stroller at Disney is easy. You can either rent it at the park entrance or at Disney Springs (behind the bus station). There are plenty available, so they never truly ran out.

Important though, none of Disney strollers are suitable for an infant. However, I believe that infants who automatically need a stroller are most likely bringing their own anyway.

All their strollers are plastic, but Mickey Mouse themed which provides entertainment for the kiddos. They’re not the best strollers and are slightly annoying to maneuver at times, but they do their job just fine. The strollers look and cost the same at Disneyland California as well.

The biggest advantage of renting directly from Disney is that you can drop it off whenever you feel like it before going back to the hotel. You can then hop on a bus or monorail free of clutter, and come back to the park and get it again without an extra fee (as long as it’s on the same day).

For some, the above can be a con because you must return your stroller as you leave the first park, and then pick up a new stroller at the next park. If your child is sleeping it’s a pain in the butt. But, if it’s crowded you would have to fold any stroller up anyway.

To rent a single stroller, the price is $15 per day. Double strollers are available for $31 per day. There’s a small discount if you’re renting for multiple days.

The strollers that Disney World rents out are recommended for children 38 inches tall and under and 50 pounds or less. In reality, even bigger kids will fit just fine, so don’t worry (speaking from experience here, because my child was much taller and didn’t feel squished).

Stroller parking at Disney World
3. Renting a Stroller from a Company Outside of Disney

Various companies offer rentals right outside the park. They can even deliver the stroller to the airport or your accommodation.

There are a few trusted Orlando area and Disney stroller rental companies with the two most reliable being Kingdom Strollers.

There’s also Baby Quip where you rent from a person directly and can rent other gear too.

There’s a big chance that your stroller will be BabyJogger City Mini (I reviewed it here). They are the preferred brand at Disney and other parks due to their durability and easiness of use.

The biggest advantage of renting off-site is that you can use it around your resort or if you visit another place outside of Disney. It’s also cheaper if you know you’ll be staying for a few days.

Any stroller must be folded on Disney busses, small boats boats and trams around parking. When it comes to ferries, monorails, or gondolas it depends. You don’t have to fold a single stroller when it’s not crowded, but double ones must be folded at all times. If it’s crowded, everyone must fold a stroller.


If you have an infant -> bring your own stroller.

If you’re only staying one day -> rent from Disney directly.

If you’re staying for multiple days with kids not needing a stroller otherwise -> rent from an off-site company upon arrival.

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