Best Strollers for Disney: What Works Best in 2024

If you’re visiting a big theme park, and especially Disney, with kids you’re most likely going to spend a whole day at the park. Even with breaks an average person walks around 7-10 miles per day at Disney – this is a LOT for little kids! This is why it’s recommended to have strollers for Disney for children up until the age of 7 years old. Personally, I think 7 is a bit of a stretch, but even at 5 it’s still a must!

That said, when choosing the best stroller for Disney World and theme parks in general, you’ll have to look at several factors as not all strollers will fit an older child. More importantly, certain strollers aren’t even allowed at Disney World even if they’re allowed at Universal Studios next door!

Let me walk you through the best strollers for Disney, tell you which is the cheapest stroller for Disney, best double strollers for Disney, and whether to buy or use Disney stroller rental.

Disney Stroller Rental vs Bringing Own Stroller for Disney?

Can you rent strollers at Disney?

Disney World and Disneyland naturally offer stroller rentals, just like any other park – Universal or Legoland included. However, it can get costly since prices start from $15 a day for a single Disney stroller. Because you can pick up an umbrella stroller for this price, it’s not worth it.

Disney strollers are also made of plastic and they’re not very comfortable for a child as the seats don’t recline, and they’re not great to push either. They’re clean, but not as clean as some parents might want them to be.

Plus, Disney strollers are not suitable for a baby younger than at least 7 months, but honestly even a 1 year old might not fit well in it.

You also cannot bring the stroller back to your hotel, so if your child is asleep and you want to go back you’re basically out of luck.

If you truly don’t want to buy a stroller you can rent a stroller from a third-party vendor. Companies like BabyQuip and Kingdom Strollers specialize in renting strollers for families to use at Disney World in Orlando and they can even deliver it to the airport or your hotel. Plus, they also have other baby gear that you might want or need on your trip.

Read more on renting strollers at Disney.

Important Aspects of a Stroller for Disney

When picking a stroller, there are a few things to consider. First, assess whether your child will need a nap in the stroller. Obviously, a 5 year old won’t need to, but a 2 year old probably will. If your child needs a nap then I recommend a stroller with a recline and larger canopy – Disney World and Disneyland are in sunny Florida and California after all.

You might feel tempted to bring a larger stroller to Disney, but don’t. You can get through the crowds more easily with a small single-travel stroller.

Keep in mind that strollers need to be easily folded and unfolded.

What Kind of Stroller is Best for Disney?

Strollers larger than 31” (79 cm) in width and 52” (132cm) in length are not permitted. However, there’s no need for these stroller rules to stress you out – only the largest and bulkiest strollers aren’t going to fit within these restrictions.

Best Sit & Stand Strollers

The rain showers can come in thick and fast at Disney World, so make sure you have a rain cover. If you know you will be waiting for something for an hour, you might set up a raincover on top of your stroller – we found out the hard way when we didn’t and it down poured while we were on a ride leaving our stroller soaked.

I see a lot of people recommending strollers like BOB or other jogging strollers for Disney, but I will say don’t do this. You’re not going to be jogging at Disney, more like navigating crowds and it can be a very frustrating experience with a stroller so big.

Keep in mind that you’re not allowed to use strollers in various places around Disney, such as:

  • any kind in any of the ride queues at Disneyland or Disney World (and most theme parks).
  • restaurants
  • transports (monorail, buses, etc.) – you have to fold your stroller

Children cannot remain in the stroller on a bus and you will need to fold it down, which to me is a strange rule considering this is how everyone travels with children all over Europe.

Disney stroller parking
Most people opt for umbrella strollers for Disney

Can you Bring Wagons to Disney?

NO! Stroller wagons are also not permitted at Disney, even the push wagons. We absolutely loved having a wagon at Universal, but it’s not an option for Disney.

My biggest tip for those bringing a stroller to Disney (or any theme park) is to hide this AirTag in the stroller. Not just because it might get stolen (but it’s rare), but for finding it easily because stroller parking might get extremely crowded and it’s hard to spot yours and also because cst members occasionally do move strollers to keep the parking areas consolidated and organized.

Another reason why I recommend bright-colored strollers. Most people have black or grey strollers and they can be hard to spot in the crowd of strollers. If you don’t have a colorful stroller, attach something as obnoxious as it gets – colorful, sparkly, anything, to make your stroller easily distinguishable.

Stroller parking areas at Disney

Best Disney World & Disneyland Approved Strollers 2024

Best Single Strollers for Disney

Best Single Stroller for Disney

Baby Jogger City Mini – Best Overall

While it’s not a per se travel stroller, if you ever rent a stroller from any rental companies around Disney the chances are you’ll end up with Baby Jogger City Mini. It’s one of the first more compact strollers but with wheels good for any surface, it folds easily and it’s indestructible.

Plus, it reclines with a big shade and offers enough storage for random belongings. You’ll be able to carry everything you need for a full day at Disney.

Babyzen Yoyo Stroller – Best Travel Stroller Overall

If you’re planning on traveling with your kids outside of Disney and on other trips, I’ll usually recommend a proper travel stroller. Moreover, I’ll recommend a stroller that fits in the overhead bin of the airlines and Babyzen does.

If you’re traveling with a newborn or infant it’s a great option as it offers a breathable portable bassinet option. Keeping an infant in a car seat in a travel system all day at Disney isn’t recommended for health reasons.

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Uppababy G-Luxe – Best Budget Stroller for Disney

While Uppababy G-Lite isn’t my favorite umbrella stroller (I do believe that overall Chicco Liteway is better), the carry-strap on Uppababy umbrella stroller can make your life easier.

The stroller reclines a bit and has a capacity of 55 lbs making it good for older kids.

I’ll be real here: between either of the recommended umbrella strollers and small choices like GB Pockit stroller or Dream on Me, I’ll always go with the umbrella. GB Pockit is really awful to maneuver in the long run and I wouldn’t recommend Dream on Me unless it’s truly just for Disney or airports and mostly for occasional in and out as you still have to carry it (otherwise it’s great!).

Zoe Traveler

Zoe is a solid travel stroller that can accommodate tall children. It’s not the cheapest at around $200ish, but it doesn’t even come close to the most popular travel strollers like Bugaboo, Babyzen, or Joolz.

After testing both Traveler and Tour+ models I ended up liking the Traveler better, but you can use either honestly.

strollers for Disney

Best Double Strollers for Disney

Zoe Twin

Zoe is a fantastic twin stroller as both seats recline individually to basically truly flat and the canopies are huge. I can’t recommend it enough, for Disney and beyond!

Baby Jogger City Select

A tandem stroller is easier to maneuver around the crowds and since the kids are somehow separated they might fight less. It is a big and heavier stroller, but offers plenty of storage and comfortable seats so if you want tandem this should be your choice.

Joovy Caboose Ultralight – Best Sit and Stand Double Stroller for Disney

Sit and stand double strollers are best at Disney for families with an older child who can work, but gets tired at some point.

Joovy isn’t the sturdiest stroller and if you’re planning on using it later on slightly uneven terrains it’s not the best idea (I see families struggling with these strollers on the grass or gravel at city fairs every year), but for Disney it works great.

Best Double Stroller for Disney

Other Options for Disney with Multiple Kids

There are a few accessories that can make your life easier:

Tag Along Handle – it’s a small thing for the older child to hold on to and stay close while navigating crowds.

Stroller Fan – if you’re traveling during the summer, we recommend grabbing one for both you and your baby so you can have a way to cool down

Disneyland stroller parking options sign

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