Best Indoor Toddler Slides

Kids are easy to entertain in the summer because you can bring them outside to a playground or let them run outside. In the winter, or when it rains it’s harder when everyone is stuck indoors. Or simply, if you don’t have any outdoor space available, then an indoor slide might be for you.

Most of these slides can actually be used outdoors as well.

What to avoid when picking up an indoor slide for a toddler?

You don’t want to slide to be either too big at first, but it makes no sense to buy something super small that your child will grow out of by the time they turn 2. I’d also advise against buying sets with little swings such as this one because the swing is actually difficult to enjoy for a child without an adult’s help and kids grow out of it way too quickly.

If you already have a pikler triangle you might consider adding a ramp that can be used as a slide. Or, if you don’t have a pikler and you know your child is a climber you can kill two birds with one stone by getting a pikler with a slide ramp.

Another tempting thing to buy is a loft or twin bed with a slide. Don’t! You want your kids to understand the difference between sleeping and playtime and not mix these two aspects, but more importantly… you don’t want your child to slide down and injure themselves in the middle of the night or even accidentally slide down. Once they’re about 5 years old or so you might consider it, but it’s not a good idea for a toddler.

Best Indoor Slides for Toddlers

Best Overall: Funpix

It’s not your conventional slide, but something that can be a slide and much more. It sparks the imagination as you can construct your own play sets & playground equipment.

It is a huge investment, both from a space and finance perspective, but in the end, you’ll be happy that you purchased it instead of million other items that your child will grow out of way too soon.

We have it and the kids keep asking about new possibilities, so there’s no way they’ll grow out of it before graduating from primary school.

  • Not just a slide, can be a whole playset
  • Timeless – grows with child
  • Can be played by multiple kids at once

Most Fun: Radio Flyer with Ramp

This Radio Flyer set is amazing as it can be used as a slide, a miniature race track, or a ramp for a ride-on car that comes included.

The item can be folded down, or put up in under a minute and stored in a wheeled box. This slide can be used outside as well as it’s durable and made of thick plastic.

I’ve never seen a child who hasn’t played with it. My son’s previous daycare even had one inside!

  • Ramp can be used as Matchbox or Hot Wheels track
  • Can be stored easily
  • Vehicle can be used separately as ride-on toy

Most Elegant Slide: Jupiduu

Jupiduu is a slide that every Montessori parent wants to have in their room. Most kids’ slides look obnoxious with crazy designs, but not this one – it’s elegant and minimalistic.

It’s the same slide Prince George of England received for his first birthday.

The slide is steep enough to be enjoyable and high side walls prevent your little ones from tipping. My kids used it ever since they were 12 months old without issues.

  • Minimalistic elegant design
  • Holds even an adult’s weight
  • Easy to assemble

Best Foldable Slide for Toddlers: Pop2Play Paw Patrol Slide

It’s as basic as it can get as it’s made of thick cardboard, but very mighty slide. The size is great for toddler through early school year age.

It folds flat so you can store it or bring it around to friends’ houses. It folds and unfolds in seconds. Who knew cardboard could be so strong!

  • Folds flat
  • Affordable
  • Fun character design

Most Budget Slide: Little Tykes My First

This bright slide is perfect for beginners indoors or outdoors.

It’s lightweight enough to carry easily but feels very solid. Highly recommend this to parents of toddlers who like to climb things.

P.S. If you feel like this beginner one is too small for your child, you can go for a bigger one from Little Tykes, which actually folds.

  • Affordable
  • Equipped with 1 door and 3 windows
  • Easy to assemble

For All Ages: Starslide

Stairslide turns your stairway into a high-speed slide that your kids are sure to enjoy. You can adjust the speed, height or even angle.

It’s sturdy and great for a growing kid or kids. Simple design and it gets used multiple times a day. P.S. Keep in mind dads will most likely play with it too!

For a toddler, you can start with one piece off your sofa.

  • Grows with the child
  • You can control the height and angle
  • Easy to assemble

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