Kids Fishing Poles for Outdoor Adventures

Fishing is a great sport to introduce to your kids. Not only is it a relaxing activity that can be shared amongst the family, but fishing is a great activity to help develop fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination and is often used in wildschooling

But of course, a sport that involves inherently sharp objects and delicate parts is not the kind of sport where you want to give your kids the real equipment right away. Your child will need your help with fishing, even when using fishing poles for kids.

With so many kids fishing poles on the market, it can be confusing to figure out which is the best type for your child’s age and skill. That’s why I categorized all the best fishing poles for kids below to help you decide which is best for your little one.

What size fishing pole is best for kids?

Kid’s fishing poles should be an appropriate size for the child’s age and height. Making sure you pick the correct length ensures the fishing pole will be manageable for your kid in both length and weight. 

Below is a list of approximate lengths by age range.   

  • Under 3 year olds – under 2 foot
  • 3 & 4 year olds – 2 – 3 foot
  • 5,6 & 7 year olds – 3-4 foot
  • 8 year olds – 5-6 foot
fishing pole for kids

Best Kids Fishing Poles:

Zebco – Best for 5+

This 29” kid’s fishing rod is a great lightweight and easy-to-use pole for kids around 5 years old. 

With a fibreglass blank, pre-spooled line and quickset anti-reverse, it’s got all the main functions of a real fishing rod while being safer and easier for kids to learn the sport. 

There’s even a weighted practice plug for use at home, the tip of the rod is designed to prevent tangling and don’t worry about your kids dropping it in the ocean, as this rod also floats!

Kid Casters – best for beginners and preschoolers

Best for preschoolers and young beginner fishers, the Kid Casters fishing kit is a fun and easy way to introduce your youngsters to the sport. 

Covered in characters from Paw Patrol, My Little Pony and PJ Masks, kids love practicing a new activity alongside their friends from TV. Plus, it’s super easy to use while still introducing the general principles of fishing. 

This is a great fishing pole for 3-year-olds as the quick-release button allows you to imitate the motion of casting while also making it super easy for little fingers to operate.

Toddler Fishing

Daddy Go Fish – most value

If you’re looking for a fishing pole package that includes all the bells and whistles, the DaddyGoFish includes absolutely everything you need for a day on the river. 

Available in blue or pink sets, you will receive a telescopic rod, collapsible chair, tackle box, net, hooks, and carry case, setting your child up with everything they need to progress in the world of fishing. 

Unlike the previous rods on this list, the DaddyGoFish set is more like a real rod being closer to regular length while remaining lightweight with a covered spool.

fishing with kids

Ugly Stick – best for older kids

For those who prefer the “real deal” the Ugly Stik is just that, a simple rod with the bare necessities to enjoy the sport of fishing. 

This rod is a real working fishing rod while still being lightweight and a manageable size for kids. 

The fishing rod comes with 43 pieces of tackle to get your youngster started on a large range of fish, and the covered spool helps to prevent tangling as much as possible. 

Cozy Bomb – best toy for toddlers

If you’re just looking for a toddler fishing pole toy to get your youngster interested in the idea of fishing, this CozyBomb magnetic game is a great starter. 

There’s plenty of fun and colorful fish to catch indoors and the rod is adjustable to two different sizes. The short handle-sized “rod” of just 7.5 inches makes it much easier for toddlers to attach the fish while developing their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

Once they’ve mastered the shorter length, your little one can move onto the longer rod which is closer to the real deal to make things a little more challenging!

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