7 Best Loveys for Babies & Toddlers

Soothing a crying baby is one of the most important things for freshly-baked parents. However, because of a dozen of other things, there are to do around the baby, you are not always able to be there for it at all times and this is when loveys for babies come in handy.

That’s why it is important to teach your little one how to self-soothe and a lovey will come in very handy in doing just that. Especially at nighttime.

What is a Lovey?

A lovey, sometimes also spelled lovie, is a type of security blanket, designed specifically with babies in mind. Lovies are usually small blanket-type objects made out of a very soft material, with a stuffed animal attached to it.

Security blankets are also very lightweight and often created with the highest safety standards in mind, meaning there are no detachable elements like buttons which could be a safety hazard to your baby. Loveys are the perfect items to put on your baby shower gift registry.

Why Do You Need Loveys for Babies?

The main purpose of a lovie is to keep your baby calm. It’s one of the first objects, after pacifiers and bottles, your baby will grow attached to.

Security blankets also do wonders to ease separation anxiety between babies and their parents. Babies like to hold onto things and lovey is a very handy thing to always have around.

Lovies saved my sanity in many moments of my early parenthood, especially with Holden. He has grown dearly attached to his lovey and sleeps with one even now at 2 years old.

Best Loveys for Babies & Toddlers

With literally thousands of choices on the market, the last thing you want as a freshly baked parent with no time to spare is to spend hours searching for the perfect security blanket for your baby.

Below are my favorite lovies tested on my two sons. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for new parents or choosing one for your own baby this list will help you narrow down your choices.

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Best Baby Lovey with Texture: Pro Goleem Elephant Security Blanket

The minky-dot material this lovie is made out of is perfect for tactile stimulation. There is also small foil paper in the ears of the elephant. Each time your baby squeezes it, it makes a sound. 

The material is soft and doesn’t shed or pile, which is an important feature in baby loveys.

Your baby will love falling asleep with this elephant security baby blanket.

  • Perfect for sensory development
  • Machine washable
  • Two-layer blanket

Best Baby Lovey with Binky: Posh Peanut Lovey

Binkies with style!  This unique design features a security blanket and a pacifier in one. This lovey was designed with binky-loving babies in mind.

You can detach the binky to wash the blanket and attach every type of binky you want. This lovey is also made out of organic and safe materials, and it is reversible.

With this lovie you won’t be losing your binkies anymore!

Best Budget Baby Lovey: Hudson Baby

The Hudson Baby security blanket is perfect for budget-conscious parents. They come in many cute and unique designs including foxes, pink clouds, sea creatures, and holiday editions, such as Santa and snowman.

They are made with cozy plush material which is soft and gentle on the baby’s skin. The quality-to-price ratio of this cute lovie is hard to beat

  • Made with very soft and gentle materials
  • Choose from many cute designs
  • Machine washable

Best Soft Baby Lovey: Jellycat

The softness of this Jellycat lovey will send any baby into sleep mode. Every baby needs a special friend to cuddle with at night, and this velvety soft security blanket will calm your baby with lots of snuggles.

This lovey is accompanied by a securely attached stuffed animal made out of similar and just as soft materials as the blanket.

  • Bigger size 18 by 14 inches
  • Super soft and cozy
  • Very cute animals
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Best Crinkly Baby Lovey: Itzy Ritzy

What makes the Itzy Ritzy security blanket stand out from the rest is its unique design.

This lovey is equipped with a crinkly material that was sown into the blanket. It makes plenty of gentle noises when your baby plays with it. It’s definitely a great choice for sensory development.

It’s also made out of a very soft sherpa fabric which will be gentle against your baby’s skin.

  • Includes a teether
  • Equipped with colorful texture ribbons
  • Comes in 6 different animal designs (sloth and lion were a hit amongst my sons)

Best Toddler Lovey: Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Elephant & More

Something a little different for older babies. This toddler lovey comes in the shape of a stuffed animal.

It’s super soft and your toddler will absolutely love cuddling with it at night or during naptimes. Mine definitely did.

This lovey will be a perfect gift idea for a child’s first birthday party. My son got a giraffe from this series that now serves him as a lovie for our travels.

  • Cleans well
  • Very soft, perfect for nap or story times
  • Great price-to-quality ratio

Best Interactive Baby Lovey: Stephan Baby Chewbie 

This Interactive security blanket turned out to be perfect for car rides when my two sons were just babies.

This lovey features a teething toy, ring rattle, and triangle knot.

The materials used in this lovey are soft with plush polyester on the outer layer lined with 100% cotton knit. You can wash it in the machine too, just remember to put it on a gentle cycle.

  • A very good price point for all the features included
  • Soft with different textures
  • Easy to clean

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Loveys

Are you still not sure if a lovey will answer your little one’s needs? Read the answer to the most common questions regarding security blankets for babies.

What age is appropriate for Loveys?

Loveys can be used at any stage of your baby’s life, even with newborns. However, for safety reasons avoid leaving any loose items such as loveys with your baby overnight. At the earliest stages in your little tot’s life, it should be sleeping safely in its sleep sack and nothing else (rules vary per country).

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics due to the suffocating hazards, you should keep your baby’s crib free of any loose items until they are 12 months old.

During the day and when supervised it is absolutely fine for your baby to play and cuddle with their loveys when they are younger than 12 months old.

Are Loveys safe for babies?

Yes, loveys are definitely safe for babies. A well-designed lovey won’t have any buttons or other small loose items sown onto it. These could create a choking hazard for a baby.

What material is best for baby lovey?

The softer the material the better. Baby’s skin is very gentle and prone to scratches, scuffs, and breakouts. Therefore, you want the lovey to be made out of cotton (organic would be best), polyester, or plush sherpa material.

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