5 Best Bubble Machines that Will Make Any Toddler Happy!

Bubble machines are a whole new level of entertainment! They are one of my favorite toys because they require very low parental supervision. A big bonus is that I get to send the kids outside while I work from my porch. It does not get better than this! 

I initially introduced my kids to the bubble game the old-fashioned way aka the plastic loop dunked in soapy water. It was a lot of fun, a huge mess (imagine soap everywhere!) and chaos unlimited! That’s when I decided to get with the new trend which meant buying bubble machines for kids. The amount of mess was reduced immensely. I doubt the chaos is going anywhere anytime soon though.

Bubble machines are great for kids that are 3 years and above. Let’s take a look at the 5 best bubble machines in the market that you should consider getting. P.S. You may land up buying an extra for yourself just like I did!

1. Kidzlane – Best Simple Bubble Machine

The Kidzlane Bubble machine is one of the highest rated in the market and with good reason. It was the first machine we bought actually.

I love the way the body of the machine is designed. The moment you get one, you will realize that the girth is designed to fit perfectly and comfortably in a kid’s hand. It also comes with a flat base and is well-balanced so it stays upright which means reduced spills!

Your kid can get to choose from a shark, a dolphin, and cat design. All three are extremely cool and equally sturdy.

2. Bennol – Best Bubble Gun for Kids

Bennol has an ultra-cool bubble machine that is suitable for kids 3 years and above. It spews 5000+ bubbles per minute and quickly turns the whole area into a bubble zone. Designed like a water gun, it’s super easy to use and fits well in a kid’s hand.

What I like about this brand compared to similar other products in the market is the 360-degree leakproof design. My kids tend to get really excited when playing and the bubble machine gets swung around a lot. We tried it and can confirm, it doesn’t leak!

3. Sizonjoy – Strongest Bubble Machine

If you want a machine that spits out bubbles at a high rate for kids to chase then you should look at the Sizonjoy bubble machine. It’s a great addition if you want something for indoor and outdoor parties because it is light, portable, has a great capacity and is rechargeable!

I was introduced to it by my son’s baby gym and now we own one at the house.

The idea is to fill up the Sizonjoy machine and let it run. That’s it! It does not require any attention after that and the kids don’t interact with the machine which means low to no supervision is required.

Honestly, I find that this machine works best for multiple kids and for parties (because again multiple kids) since you don’t have to get each kid a bubble machine. It makes it more cost-effective.

4. Bubble Lawnmower

If you are looking for a bubble machine with a bit of wow factor then I would highly recommend the ArtCreativity Bubble Lawnmower.

This toy lawn mower is designed to spew bubbles while the child moves it around the lawn pretending to mow it. It even comes with realistic sounds.

I find that toys that resemble household gadgets seem to have the highest appeal with children because they want to play at being grown up. ArtCreativity hits all the right notes on this aspect while simultaneously encouraging gross motor and visual tracking skills. 

5. Camera Bubble Machine – Cheapest Option

Looking for a nonstandard bubble machine that doesn’t take up too much space like the ArtCreativity one does?

The Camera bubble machine is a great solution since it’s small, resembles a camera (adult gadget replicas are always a favorite!), and is very affordable.

What I love about the portability (other than just the ease of storage) is the fact that it can be taken to the park, on a hike or even as part of your assortment of toys when traveling. It is engaging enough to be used repeatedly and even if it isn’t used to make bubbles, kids still love to pretend they are taking photographs. At least mine do!

FAQ about Bubble Machines for Kids

What age is a bubble machine for?

Bubble machines are for all ages. If the child is too small to operate the machine, you can always make bubbles for them (like they do in our baby classes). Toddlers love chasing them and even babies love to giggle while watching the bubbles fly.

Once they’re about 3 years or older they can operate their own bubble guns.

Can a bubble machine be used indoors? Is it safe?

Bubble machines can be used indoors though they are the most fun when there is a lot of space and wind to make them float higher. If you don’t have a garden, I highly recommend taking the bubble machines to the park once in a while. Weather permitting of course.

While it’s fine to do some bubbles inside, unless you clean the floor you might be at risk of creating a slippery soapy mess on the floor.

Which bubble solution is the best for bubble machines?

If you are looking for a bubble solution that you can buy, I highly recommend the Kidzlane solutions. They come in large containers and should last you for a while unless you have a party with a large number of kids using the solution.

How do I make homemade bubble solutions?

Making the perfect bubble solution is an art. You need to have the right proportions of everything to make sure that the bubbles form and last long without popping. Ultimately, considering the price of a soap it might be just simpler to get the mentioned above solution.

My recommendation is to use 1 cup of granulated soap or soap powder to 1 quart of warm water. Adding food color is another fun activity but then you would want to take the fun outdoors because you may land up with color on your walls!

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