Pikler Triangle vs Nugget Comfort

If you have space and funds, I would say that a pikler triangle and nugget comfort couch complement each other well but not surprisingly many people can pick just one option.

They’re both simple toys, yet large and expensive so understandable not all parents want to have it all. if you’re deciding between buying your kids a Nugget couch or a pikler triangle you need to know the differences between them, because there’s slightly more to it than just “my kids like the nugget more”.

We’ve had multiple pikler triangles (I actually used to sell and make some) and multiple nuggets, so can tell you everything about these two awesome toys.

Pikler Triangle vs Nugget Comfort Couch

What is a Nugget?

The Nugget is a foam play couch for kids. It contains 4 pieces: 2 rectangular folding bases and 2 triangular support pillows.

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What is a Pikler Triangle?

A pikler triangle is a simple wooden triangular climbing structure with dowels (think of it like a ladder) developed by Emmi Pikler. It’s NOT a Montessori toy, but it’s often associated with it.

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Which One is Better: Nugget or Pikler?

Most people will probably tell you that they get more use out of Nugget. Personally, I had both in my previous house and up until the kids were around 18 months both weren’t used a lot…

Then, we moved overseas for a bit, which meant we had to get rid of most of our big toys and upon returning back to the US I actually rebought only one item which solves the pikler triangle vs nugget debate… it was THE NUGGET!

When my older was 3 years old and my younger barely learned to walk they weren’t interested in a pikler anymore. It seemed too small to hold their attention when they could climb bigger structures at nearby playgrounds.

Nugget served them as a lounging item, mat for forward rolls, and obviously for forts. It’s something we always come back for these days (and currently own 2 Nuggets!).

The core difference between a pikler triangle and Nugget is that a pikler triangle promotes careful play full of risk assessments, while Nugget promotes boisterous play like jumping on it and off it, and so on.

Naturally, your kids will love the Nugget more and you, if you’re a cautious mom or dad will like the pikler more. However, as your kids grow up they will learn to know their limits.

The pikler triangle allows children to learn their own boundaries during their own time. To give you an example, my firstborn is about anything, but the boundaries. He’s always been a little daredevil and when we added a Nugget to the mix he started being even less careful (since the Nugget provides soft cushioning) and hits us with the pillows thinking it’s funny. It’s not a toy I want to have around him as it made him less careful.

My second child is calculated and careful. In his case, both pikler and nugget would provide lots of fun. However, he’s almost one and has yet to use a pikler because he’s taking things slowly. That said, it all depends on your child’s character.


If you want to follow Montessori stricly, a pikler triangle is a winner. While it’s not technically Montessori it falls into this category way more than Nugget.


Both can be easy to store. I you get a foldable pikler triangle storage isn’t an issue. Nugget can be stored “as a sofa in the corner”, but ultimately it takes more space.

Indoor vs Outdoor

While both toys can be used as a hideout spot, Nugget isn’t an outdoor toy. If you get your pikler triangle sealed you can bring it outside for some quality play in the garden.

Long Lasting Toy

Both pikler and nugget are technically open-ended toys, but I noticed that my 2.5 year old barely uses his pikler. He climbs ladders and everything around it, but he’s mastered his pikler triangle a while ago and is no longer interested at all. For longevity of use I’ll have to say Nugget is a better value.

However… if your kids aren’t careful Nugget won’t live long. While the outside cover can be washed, it’s a pain in the butt if you have a cat or hairy door because I keep on seeing lots of hair on it. Plus, the foam inside cannot be washed so imagine your child spills juice on it… it’s a process of drying it and it might not work completely.

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