Best Nail Clippers for Babies

One of the biggest fears that I have encountered when dealing with a baby was cutting nails. It isn’t something that can be ignored though because baby nails are sharp and babies end up scratching themselves and you in the process. Luckily there are solutions, though honestly, you have to look and see which one works best for you.

Do Babies need special nail clippers?

The normal nail clipper that you use at home is designed for larger nails which are harder and generally more difficult to cut. Baby nails are soft, delicate and very tiny. If you have tried to use the normal-sized clipper on a baby’s fingers you will know exactly what I mean when I say that they are not appropriate in size. 

Baby nail clippers are smaller in size where the blade is concerned. The nail clipper on the whole may seem similarly sized though. The blades are slightly duller to prevent injuries and they are easy to use. 

Nail Grinder

This is by far the most intuitive solution to the problem. After days of struggling with the first baby, I happened upon a video about how to use nail grinders and I was hooked. The base idea is really simple and the same way as pet nail grinders – since they both work on wiggly creatures.

The device comes with small circular disk-shaped attachments with a rough surface. The disk rotates and the textured or sandpapered finish polishes the edges of the nails away. There is literally no chance of hurting your baby’s fingers.

The Royal Angels have an amazing set due to a variety of different sandpaper textures which are rated as per the age of the child. It can even be used for an adult.


  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for kids of all ages
  • Does not cause injury when the child moves

Baby Nail Clippers

The nail clippers are a gold standard and are used across the board. While the look is very similar to normal nail clippers they are built a little differently. These clippers have a tinier blade built for smaller fingers and nails. The pressure that you use when cutting is less as the nails are softer.

I’ve been using this variant for years and have been extremely happy with the results, especially with older kids (preschoolers) and when traveling. I would still recommend a nail grinder with babies though. Cutting their nails with a nail clipper is a harrowing experience!


  • Portable
  • Easy to use with bigger children
  • Easy to maintain

Nose Scissors

The humble nose scissors are what my parents preferred when we were growing up. In fact, they suggested that I try it out with the baby when I was fumbling around with the nail clipper.

These scissors are special since it has a small rounded blade and does not have a pointed tip. They’re sold for nose hair, but they work beautifully on little soft nails.

I find them working much better than the popular ones from Fridababy.


  • Portable
  • Easier to cut nail corners

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start clipping my baby’s nails?

Baby nails start growing almost immediately after birth. You are going to want to trim them frequently because while they are soft, they are still sharp edged. Babies tend to scratch themselves too and while some people use mittens to prevent this babies tend to remove them easily.

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Plus, if you live in a place where it is warm (and/or humid!), mittens may not be the most ideal solution. Trimming the nails however, works better.

What is the best way to cut baby’s nails?

My biggest issue when it came to cutting a baby’s nails was the motion. My kids never stayed still! I literally would come armed with my glasses, the nail clipper and the husband to cut the nails. What ensued was a lot of screaming and very hassled parents.

Over time, I learned that the best way to cut a baby’s nails was when the baby was sleeping and preferably during the daylight hours because that is when you can see the nails better.

Clippers vs grinders vs scissors: What is better for newborns?

Honestly, I think a lot of it boils down to personal preference since all of them can be used with newborns. I personally found myself the most comfortable with the nail grinders at first, but then quickly swapped to scissors.

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