by Anna Karsten

Alternatives to a Pikler Triangle

Pikler triangle is a trendy new toy for a good reason – it’s a simple thing that can entertain kids for hours and years long.

However, while both toys are big hits among the vast majority, some kids might want a little bit “more”, either in addition or as an alternative to pikler triangle.

Here are some other fantastic ideas for toys for toddlers that can also help build creativity and confidence, and develop gross motor skills.

Best Climbing Toys for Toddlers

Before we begin, I’m aware that there are tons of indoor/outdoor climbing toys from Little Tikes and Step2 that can be lots of fun. I’m not going to lie, we have a great slide from Little Tikes that Dylan uses all the time since he was a year old.

However, I don’t see these toys as alternatives to a pikler triangle. Why? While it’s still a climbing toy, a pikler triangle is a simple structure made of wood, while these climbers are very “busy toys” made of plastic. There’s nothing wrong with them, but they’d never be associated with Montessori or Waldorf values.

P.S. If you’re just looking for a climbing toy, you don’t necessarily need to invest lots of money into an outdoor swing set. There are plenty of in-between toys that cost way less.

Alternatives to Pikler Triangle

1. Wall Gym

My older kids has outgrown pikler triangle way sooner than pretty much all other kids. He wants to climb higher and higher and use his strength to pull himself up. When I was growing up we all had a doorway pole for that, but nowadays there are a ton of big metal gyms that can be attached to the wall.

The best ones are from Brain Rich Kids. Depending on the set up it can have rings, poles, ropes, swings – you name it! And you know what’s the best part? It can hold adults’ weight as well 😉

2. Wooden Rocker

A rocker is often being described as a better alternative to pikler triangle, if one has some for it because it doesn’t fold. A wooden rocker incorporates many different variations of play.

It can be used for climbing, swinging, building upon, or even can work as a store front.

3. Foam Blocks

Foam blocks are basically pieces of foam with a cover that can be used to make forts. Basically, like a Nugget couch. Kids love it and most parents want to actually have more than one to build even more things out of it.

Nuggets aren’t easy to score and pre-orders are taking forever (because everyone wants one and it’s a small company), so if you’re done waiting you can get one of the alternatives listed below.

4. Balance Board

Balance board doesn’t seem like a climbing toy per se, but it can be. It’s a very simply toy that can be used as a slide, step stool, or a balance board.

It doesn’t take much room and can be a perfect toy on its own, or as an addition to literally any other toy from this list. It will grow with your child

5. Stepping Stones

Indoor stepping stones aren’t a big climbing structure your climbing kids might want, but if you have a small space, they can be a fun activity that employs motor movement.

They are light but very sturdy and can held up well with two toddlers jumping and climbing on them.

6. Funfix Tubes

Funfix tubes aren’t as popular as other toys, but they should be. I’m actually not sure why anyone would prefer to buy a climbing dome over them, as it’s more portable and has way more possibilities.

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