Best Car Window Shades for Kids

Parents are often bombarded with countless dos and don’ts regarding children’s safety. So it’s not surprising that car window shades are added to the list of necessities for kids alongside car seats.

It’s recommended to keep babies out of direct sunlight as much as possible for the first 6 months as the harsh UV rays can cause irrefutable damage to their skin and eyes. Even after this age, it’s still a good idea to limit direct exposure to sunlight as we now know just how harmful this can be.

While sunblock and protective clothing do a great deal when it comes to protection against those UV rays, it’s undeniable the amount of sunlight that can penetrate through car windows while you drive. That’s why it’s important to get the best car window shades possible, to make sure your little one is kept out of harm’s way.

With so many on the market varying in price and functionality, it can be hard to decide which is best for you. After testing countless different types myself, I decided to put together a list of the best car sun shades for side windows and back windows to help you pick.

Are car window shades necessary for babies?

Yes, car window shades are necessary for babies as it is recommended to keep them out of sunlight as much as possible for the first 6 months.

After that, children can tolerate moderate sunlight however you should still protect them as much as possible from the damage that harmful UV rays can cause to their skin and eyes.

What is the best color sunshade for a car?

Black or Silver colored sunshades are best for your car as they are the most effective at absorbing and reflecting heat respectively.

If you prefer opaque sunshades so your little one (or you) can see out, Black sunshades are the best sun shades for back windows as the color is able to absorb the most light, reducing that which is being transferred through to your child,

However, if you would prefer a car sun shade for the side windows that will completely block the light, choosing one with a silver backing is even more effective as it reflects the light back out without it needing to be absorbed at all.

After testing every single car shade on the market I can say that one without flaws doesn’t exist, unfortunately. There are 3 models that I would recommend, but I actually recommend buying two and using them interchangeably.

Some will cover things things better, but when it’s raining or snowing it’s not a good option. Others might block the blind spot and can be pulled by a child. Others will fall out when a child opens the window.

Best Car Window Shades for Kids

TFY Universal Car Side Window SunShade

If I was to recommend one best baby car window shade, this model would be it.

It fits any car model as it’s stretchy and it’s basically unbreakable. You can easily pack it for a trip in a suitcase, or stuff into a car side pocket.

I tested it along with others in the same spot and as it covers the entire window, it provides shade evenly and effectively. At the same time you can also see through it as a driver, so it’s perfectly safe.

As it wraps around the outside as well, when it rains or snows or gets muddy, it will get nasty outside. While it doesn’t affect the inside, you will have to keep washing it and it might splash you when closing the door with it.

Baby Car Sun Shades

Kinder Fluff

It’s a simple improved design of what we knew even in the 90s. It sticks to the window easily and it’s cheap, especially considering that you can 4 items in a package.

The shade sticks very well to the window and does not fall off.

While it does the job fine, when tested alongside the previous model it not only blocked the driver’s view and created a blind spot, but also it didn’t provide full shade as it simply isn’t designed to cover the entire window.

It will, however, work great, and recommend it over the previous model when it’s muddy or dusty outside, as it can still be sunny.

Car Window Shades for kids

Munchkin Brica White Hot Sun Safety Shade

Munchkin is an alternative to the models above, as they are easy to roll up and down. I will say that while it wasn’t perfect it was perfect for my curious toddler wanting to see stuff and cover from the sun at the same time.

It’s durable as they’ve been ripped off by the kids multiple times, but require slight force to put them back in place after the roll-up.

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