Portable Travel Bathtubs for Babies and Toddlers

Portable bathtubs for babies and toddlers have become increasingly popular among parents in recent years. These innovative products provide a convenient and safe solution for bathing infants and young children, both at home and on the go.

The good baby bath tubes should be lightweight, compact, and easy to set up and dismantle, making them ideal for families on the move or with limited bathroom space.

How Can I Bathe My Toddler or Baby Without a Bathtub?

Not all apartments have baths and even if they do, it seems wasteful to fill an entire bathtub of water for a tiny baby, isn’t it right? That’s also why various people use portable smaller bathtubs inside their big bathtubs.

We lived in multiple places with the babies and often we haven’t had bathtubs. In fact, we didn’t have them more than we had them and by then the kids were preschoolers already.

The most common practice to bathe a baby without a bathtub is in the sink, either laundry or kitchen. They even sell these cute flowers to bathe a baby which we had as well.

Once they outgrow the little flower and can hold their head they can start using a toddler tub for a shower stall.

Is a Portable Bath Tub Essential for a Toddler?

If you asked me before I had babies I would have told you that no, it seems ridiculous and absolutely not essential because you can shower your toddler. I showered a squirmy and slippery baby in a hotel room with him slipping everywhere and that would have been so much easier in a little tub or at least by having a little infant insert. But alas, this insert didn’t fit in my suitcase…

Once my little one became a toddler I thought that will be easy as I can just shower him. The joke’s on me because my child would absolutely despite showering and anything splashing. I read numerous tips basically tell me to “get the child used to the shower” and trust me, we’ve tried and tried and we eventually succeded, but it took good 2 years.

It’s safe to say that without a portable bathtub, there was no washing my child and this is why we tried pretty much every bathtub on this list and a few more that if not featured I might not recommend.

If you frequently travel or spend time away from home, a portable tub can be a practical investment, allowing you to provide a comfortable bathing experience wherever you go and I certainly feel like it’s essential travel gear for my toddler. But, it also takes up space and this is why I recommend the inflatable vs foldable baby bathtub for travel.

Best Portable Bath Tubs for Kids

Best Foldable Bathtub: Stokke Flexi Bath

There is a lot to like about the Stokke Flexi Bath but one of its best features is how it folds flat which makes it super easy to store and transport. 

This tub also has a temperature indicator that changes color to help you manage the warmth of the bathwater. The Stokke Flexi bath is good for babies who can sit on their own but I wouldn’t recommend it for infants as it’s quite deep without any support.

However, if you do want to use this bath with your youngsters, you can add the infant insert which can attach to the brim while resting on the bottom, cradling your baby as if in an arm. 

Best Inflatable Tub & Best for Travel: Goodking

Inflatable bathtubs are the best choice for traveling with kids as they are lightweight and pack down very small. The Goodking tub is a great example of a good inflatable tub as it is a decent size and provides all the features and comfort you need. 

It comes with a pump, the nonslip design makes sure your children are safe while in the tub and there is even some built-in support for the head and back

After bathtime, you can easily pull the plug to release the water, deflate it and hang it from the inbuilt loop to dry.

Most Multifunctional: Tolead Collapsible

The Tolead Collapsible bath is a great tub if you are looking for something portable which can be used for many different purposes. 

Made from a combination of rigid plastic and softer material, the tub can easily be pushed down to flat or popped out to full size

While it doesn’t have any head or back support (making it only suitable for children who can sit up unsupported), the tub has a convenient plug for easy emptying and is a decent size.

Other uses for this tub could include washing clothes, animals, dishes or even filling with ice for a cooler while camping. 

Best Budget: Munchkin Duck or Mommy’s Helper

If you’re looking for a cheap bathtub that is still portable, the Munchkin Duck is a good choice for you. This inflatable tub is an adorable yellow duck shape which makes bath time even more fun for the little ones. 

It has a textured bottom to avoid slipping and a handy color-changing disc that turns white if the water is too hot. Some people complain that it is a little difficult to blow up however for the price it’s a great sturdy budget option. 

Another alternative to the Munchkin Duck is Mommy’s Helper, it also comes in some fun colors but without the added weight/inconvenience of the duck head sticking up

Best Luxury Option: Summer Lil Luxury

This really is the jacuzzi of baby bathtubs! It not only bubbles with a whirlpool effect, but it even has an inbuilt showerhead.

The insulated double walls keep the water warm for longer and it also comes with a comfortable infant insert that holds your little one in a comfortable and safe position. 

Of course with all these extra features you will have to sacrifice the packability a little, but if you want to treat your youngster to a spa-like experience every night, the Summer Lil Luxury is perfect Plus, you might not even need bath toys!

Best Bathtub Alternative: Blooming Bath Lotus

If you know you’ll have access to a sink and don’t want to lug around a baby bath, the Blooming Bath Lotus is a great compromise if your baby is still little. 

The cushing in the flower is super soft which you baby with love as it feels like getting a cuddle while having a bath. The pedal design is great as it can adapt to many different size sinks, providing a comfortable and safe cradle for bathing. 

Something to note with the Lotus is that you need to allow it to thoroughly dry between uses. The cushioning material does soak up a lot of water during bathtime. But if properly cared for this isn’t too much of an issue.

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