Inglesina Electa Stroller Review: Lightweight Full-Size Stroller

Inglesina Electa is a full size stroller that’s only 19 lbs, basically like a compact stroller but without sacrificing any of its functions. Plus, it comes with a bassinet and its own stand, which not only can keep a baby comfortable and healthy, but also replace a bedside bassinet. Basically, it cuts the expenses off your baby registry.

Most first-time moms don’t even think of getting a small travel stroller as their full-time stroller, because naturally they often cannot offer the same amount of storage and functionality as traditional strollers. We all realize that heavy strollers are pretty inconvenient and reach for a lightweight stroller instead, but its functions are compromised due to its smaller size.

Is Inglesina Electa a good travel system? Can it be a better competitor to Cybex Mios or Uppababy Minu strollers? I will say it depends…

Pros & Minor Cons of Inglesina Electa Stroller

Age Range – 6 months to 55 pounds (24kg)  – from birth with a bassinet
Stroller Weight – 19 pounds (8.6kg) 
Folded Size – 28.9 x 19.7 x 11.8 inches

Maneuverability & Design

Inglesina Electa is designed as a full-size stroller that can be a travel system, but with a lightweight frame. I thought that it’s basically like Uppababy Cruz (a smaller cousin of Uppababy Vista) as it also offers a bassinet and stands for it (sold separately) and adapters to attach a car seat that comes included.

I’d rate the wheels as average as they’re not amazing, but big enough to handle cobblestones and uneven terrain.

One thing that some people complain about is the brake. The stroller is designed so that the brake and go mechanisms are triggered separately on each side, by pushing the lever down with your foot. It’s nice for sandals or flip flops but can get confusing, so it’s truly up to your preferences.

The underseat basket is fantastic. It’s big, easily accessible and spacious. No complaints about it.

Folding and Unfolding of Inglesina Electa

Inglesina Electa offers a slightly different folding mechanism than most strollers on the market, so it took me by surprise at first. However, it’s the easiest system and never fails.

It opens and closes like a charm and that can be done one-handed – which is unheard of with full-size strollers. You don’t need to press two buttons, or reach under the seat and bend over. It slides by a simple handle pull without getting anyone involved dirty.

Plus, a part of the stroller is designed in a special way that makes the stroller stand when folded and it doesn’t get the parental handle dirty. It always bugs me when the parental handle has to end on the ground, as it can get nasty when it’s rainy or snowy outside.

inglesina electa
inglesina electa folding

Inglesina Electa Bassinet

Inglesina bassinet was a very exciting feature for me. It has been designed in collaboration with the Department of Neonatology of the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna, so one can be sure that it’s safe for sleeping.

It has great ventilation options for warm days that can be opened or closed. The canopy and cover can be unzipped and removed and there’s a peekaboo window on it as well.

The Inglesina Electa Travel System carrycot is safe for overnight sleeping, so you can use it for extended naps or as a bedside bassinet or portable travel baby bed. You can purchase a stand for it, but honestly, we used the bassinet on the stroller when our first child was born and it worked just fine. Stands however, will make the whole thing slightly lower which makes it easier to reach for the baby when you’re in bed. Especially after a c-section.

While it’s not available in the US, if you’re in Europe you can purchase Auto Kit for the bassinet, which means that it can turn it into a car seat. If you’re planning a car journey of more than an hour, using the Car Kit is ideal to ensure your baby travels comfortably and safely in the carrycot without sacrificing their spines and ability to breathe properly.

inglesina electa bassinet

Seat Compartment, Recline & Canopy

The seat compartment is the biggest con of the stroller. At first sight and what most expecting moms will miss the seat looks absolutely perfect. It can be easily reversible to face forward or parent.

The seat is well designed with quality materials and it’s generously padded. The canopy has everything you need abnd it’s absolutely huge! It can cover an entire child and offers a mesh peekabo window.

There’s an adjustable footrest and when reclined the seat actually reclines flat, instead of being profiled like some other full-size strollers.

Why did I say that the seat is a con then? Well, simply because when I tried it with a baby it seemed perfect. But, it only works for a baby and most online reviews don’t take this into account! The seat can take up to 55 lbs, but in reality, it’s not going to last you for more than 1.5 years at the most. You might use it until 2 years of age if you baby is short and tiny.

I tested it with my younger son was 20 months old at the time of this review, so one can say pretty much still an active stroller user. The average height for boys is typically around 33.5 to 36 inches at 18 months – my son was 36 inches exactly which made him a pretty average 20-month-old… and he didn’t fit in this stroller comfortably which was shocking. His head was hitting the canopy and he refused to sit there, it looked pretty ridiculous.

I tested it with my 4 year old as some parents want strollers for big kids and let’s be real: it was absolutely not a fit.

He couldn’t lay down comfortably, because his head was against the canopy no matter what. He was only 36″.

Final Verdict: Inglesina Electa Stroller Review

Would I recommend Inglesina Electa stroller then? Quite frankly, it depends on your needs. If you want a lightweight stroller that offers a bassinet and travel system, then yes – I think it’s worth the money as it’s a quality product.

You need to know that you’ll not be using a stroller past a certain age and if you happen to have a big baby it might be useless after a year. That said, many parents switch to a push trike or wagon stroller at this point either way, so I wouldn’t write off Inglesina Electa based on the seat being small because it could serve you very well for the early days.

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