Lovevery Tissue Box from The Senser Kit (+ Alternatives)

Lovevery tissue box is one of the most popular items from Lovevery play kits for a good reason: every baby absolutely adores it!

Why do babies love tissue boxes?

If you haven’t noticed children basically attach your box of Kleenex and pull it out of the box one by one you will. Babies love pulling facial tissues out of a box, one by one as they gain feedback about the world through touch receptors in their fingertips. It extends your baby’s understanding of object permanence.

What age can you use a magic tissue box? The Senser Play Kit is classified for 5 to 6 months, but as some babies still won’t be sitting at this age, they might not be interested in pulling tissues out of the box just yet. You can place the colorful tissues in a basket or on a tray on the floor in front of them for free exploration during tummy time or in a supported sitting position until they can do it themselves – which means a magic tissue box will last you way beyond the 6th month of your baby’s life.

You can read more on Lovevery play kits in my detailed review post, but don’t worry! If you decide that the whole play kit is not for you for whatever reason, there are various alternatives to Lovevery tissue box alone as well.

Lovevery Tissue Box

The Senser Play Kit is $80. You can get a 10% discount if you pay upfront which would bring the price down to $72. Is it worth it?

Depends on how you look at it. If you’re just buying Lovevery and nothing else it might be worth it. Especially considering the fact that the same Senser Play Kit contains a spinning drum – they don’t come cheap (I’m saying this as a former seller of these actually, so I know what I’m talking about).

For what this kit offers the price isn’t bad at all and the kit is worth it. It’s pretty reasonable for quality toys that you can pass on to the next baby or potentially resell later on if you wish. The bigger question is whether your baby needs toys at the age of 6 months.

Many parents know that there are no stopping relatives from buying random toys or socks, so your baby might already be overwhelmed with toys they don’t really need at this age and will be perfectly happy playing with random objects from your kitchen or one small toy attached to their stroller.

Lovevery Tissue Box : Similar Alternatives

1 – Fun Little Toys Box

There are so many tissue boxes for babies on the market that it’s hard to pick one, as they all look similar. This is the best one in my opinion and comes with tissues that are decent for a mixture of a sensory variety.

2 – Wooden 5-in-1 Box

Offers 5 games that baby can use later as they grow. While it’s not originally a tissue box, it looks exactly the same so it can be. Plus it comes with a ball drop, coin insert, shape sorter, and worm game (my sons LOVED it when they turned 18 months), so it’s the best value on the market.

3 – Simple Wood Box

As simple as it gets, this most Montessori of all boxes is basically a fully functional tissue box. It’s simple, just wood. You’d need to buy the crinkly paper and silks separately though.

If you want to make a box more colorful, you could get an unfinished tissue box and paint it yourself.

4 – Lovebirds Montessori Sensory Baby Toy Tissue Box

The most sensory box as it comes with even sides that let the baby experience different surfaces. It’s slightly pricier than others, but not obnoxious at all, and comes with 15 different tissues which are awesome.

5 – Make it Yourself

Don’t fear! It’s not a crazy project that many parents don’t want to embark on. All you need it l a box of old baby wipes dispenser and you’re ready to go!

P.S. If you’re looking for the socks, we had these socks as we got them as a gift and they worked just fine. However, if I was picking the socks myself I would have picked something less obnoxiously looking like these or these.

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