Veer Wagon Cruiser XL: What We Liked & What We Didn’t

I’ve been wanting to try the Veer wagon for a very long time, as many people consider it to be the best wagon stroller available. I finally bought it after they released the Veer Cruiser XL with 4 seats,

Is the Veer Cruiser wagon worth the price tag? I think it depends on what are you planning on using it for.

Pros & Minor Cons of Veer Wagon Stroller

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Veer Wagon review

Maneuverability, Size & Design

The first thing my outdoorsy husband said when he saw the wagon was: “Wow, what is this? This wagon looks so cool”, and he’s never said it before about any stroller or wagon. Veer gives the cool parents vibe.

The Veer Cruiser is like a jeep of the wagons. It’s rough and tough, meant to be used without cushy and cute accessories (although the brand added some as accessories). You can get it dirty and hose it every few weeks and bam – it’s like new. The snack tray pops off for easy cleaning.

Its large, air-filled tires glide smoothly on paved roads, while the suspension system ensures a comfortable ride.

Veer wagon push and pull modes configurations

The manufacturer recommends pushing it in various ways (as pictured on the instructions), but let’s be real: it’s pretty awkward to be pushing the handle from the side. While you can push or pull the wagon, the bigger wheels up front make maneuverability worse when you’re pushing the Veer wagon like a stroller. The whole thing literally veers to either side and turns badly. I wouldn’t say it’s awful, but it’s nowhere near as close to the smoothness of any other stroller or wagon.

On the other hand, when it comes to pulling it, Veer is definitely THE wagon for rough terrain and the best beach wagon. It’s driving over nicely over gravel, mud, sand and grass.

The brake is a push brake. You unlock it by pressing the unlock icon just above the brake. It works as it should, so I had no complaints.

Foot brake on Veer cruiser

Folding & Traveling with Veer Cruiser

Veer wagon is known for its impressive flat fold. While it’s nice and flat, the length is still similar to other wagons so depending on the trunk or storage space it might not necessarily save you much space.

It is light and much lighter than other wagons, which helps when it comes to lifting it up

The seats on Veer are tough, as they’re not cushioned by anything. You can purchase extra cushioning and canopies to make the kids more comfortable. But, apart from the extra cost, there’s another thing to consider: the wagon won’t fold with anything attached, so if you have canopies or cushions attached you need to remove everything to fold the sides.

If you have to fold and unfold it, this gets VERY annoying and one of the reasons why we ended up returning it.

veer wagon stroller folded

Kids Comfort

There’s a snack holder included, which is nice for the kids since there are no side pockets like on other wagons. I will say that if you plan on putting 4 kids in the wagon, keep in mind that there’s space only for 2 drinks on the snack holder.

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I will say that despite it being 4 seats, it’s a tough squeeze for 4 kids as it’s only 4″ wider than the 2 seater. My boys weren’t exactly eager to share one bench and they’re only 2 and 4 and pretty skinny. I can’t imagine 2 chubbier 3 year olds comfortably sharing a bench.

The seats are hard so for extended periods of time they weren’t comfortable for the kids. They also naturally don’t recline at all.

While it didn’t matter to us, many parents want to have a 5-point harness for small toddlers, but Veer only offers a 3-point harness as standard due to its fold. The 5-point harness is only an accessory on the extra cushioning for the seat, which costs extra and requires removal before folding the wagon.

There’s a napping system that’s basically a cushioning that will take the whole wagon and seems like a great idea…

Spoiler, you have to take off all other accessories to make it work and then reput the canopy again. It also costs an extra $99 or $109 depending if you’re getting a version for 2 or 4-seater.

Veer Cruiser Accessories

The biggest con of Veer wagon is that it’s the priciest wagon on the market. Many think that Wonderfold is already ridiculously priced, but considering that every single accessory of Veer is extra – even basic things like canopies, makes it crazy expensive.

There’s absolutely ZERO storage on Veer apart from a drink holden for the parents and a snack tray for the kids. Other wagons offer some sort of side pockets, and mesh stuff, but Veer cannot. As a result, the basket accessory is pretty much essential. The storage basket that’s normally included on other stroller wagons is $79 which isn’t nothing. Not to mention that it’s an extra front attachment that makes the whole thing longer and therefore harder to maneuver.

Then the canopies are another $59, car seat adapter another $49. The comfort seat is $89 per seat, so you might need 2 of them. It makes it way pricier.

Now, one thing that people don’t talk about is the fact that you’re basically forced to buy some accessories if you need them to work. There’s a rain cover that you might need, but it won’t stay on unless you purchase the canopy as it needs something to stay on. In fact, you might need 2 canopies if you have children sitting on the other side, because otherwise it will be hanging over their heads.

Veer cruiser xl

Veer Wagon Review Verdict:

Is Veer wagon stroller worth the high price tag? I can see people using the wagon for many years and it’s a durable, easy-to-clean item. For us, it’s just not worth it.

Unless you truly need a wagon for the beach, other cheaper wagons will do the job just fine. It’s not the most comfortable wagon to steer, so for places like theme parks (wagons are only not allowed Disney, but we took ours to Legoland and Universal Studios) or fairs, it’s not the greatest item, because you need to navigate among crowds.

We ended up returning the Veer and keeping the Larkdale Coupe as it simply wasn’t worth the price tag for us and the need to remove all the accessories before folding made it pretty annoying in the long run.

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