10 Best Bamboo Baby Clothes Brands

Once you discover bamboo clothes you won’t go back to anything else. Before I got into the “bamboo clothing world” I thought it was ridiculous to spend $35+ on a baby footie. I couldn’t believe why so many people would do it.

When a friend finally convinced me to give it a try I was hooked. I saw exactly why these clothes are so popular and totally worth it.

Why trust me? I’ve been on a mission to find the best bamboo baby pajamas out there and even had my own bamboo brand for a while, so I truly dug into it. Who makes the best bamboo baby clothes? Are Little Sleepies and Kyte truly the softest baby clothes brands?

Are Bamboo Clothes Worth the Price?

Bamboo clothes are not something it’s typically sold in stores. You won’t find it at Target, but some small boutiques usually sell them.

I’m not going to lie – the first time I saw the price of bamboo clothes I was shocked. Why would so many people want to pay so much for clothes their babies and kids would grow out of so quickly?

I was wrong. Bamboo clothes are not only breathable, babies don’t get sweaty in them, it’s better for baby eczema, but also last longer due to stretch. Bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton, while also being hypoallergenic.

All bamboo pajamas are snug-fitting due to regulations. They are not sprayed with toxic flame retardants – which is a good thing (find out why here), but you might want to size up either way. However, there’s no such thing as organic bamboo baby clothes as bamboo isn’t an organic material.

NOTE: There are various cheaper products out there and there’s nothing wrong with them – in fact, they’re products from the same fabric as others but don’t promote their label much. Some call them Little Sleepies dupe, but they’re just as legit as anything else.

The most popular brand Vaenait Baby had all types and colors of pajamas but they really only have very limited small short bamboo pajamas as they seem to switch to the modal fabric. Modal is an excellent fabric, just as soft as bamboo viscose/rayon but much more durable so you might want to give it a try as well.

1. Softness

You really cannot find softer clothes than bamboo. While you do need to take care of the clothes a bit more than you would with cotton (the dryer can ruin them ladies and gentlemen), it’s totally worth it.

If your baby has eczema bamboo is a way to go. Even for older kids, bamboo underwear will make their little bums free of rashes.

My husband who’s totally NOT into clothes and kept wearing the same shirts for years switched almost his entire wardrobe to bamboo after I bought him a set. Not to mention we have bamboo blankets for everybody now and my toddler often refuses his old blanket once he discovers bamboo.

2. It grows with your child

Bamboo is stretchy is an understatement. Most babies grow out of their clothes every few weeks, right? I remember having giant piles of clothes when my firstborn was a baby and nothing ever fit him right. When parents were telling me that their one-year-old was still wearing 3-6m in the bamboo I thought they were making stuff up, because how can this be?!

With my second child, we switched to bamboo almost entirely and I seriously didn’t realize he was growing at all because he’s been in the same 0-3m clothes for months. Until I tried to put two cotton footies on him and realized that his 3-6m in cotton is pretty tight already. At this rate we would definitely be still wearing the same rompers at 6 months (edit: at 7 months he can still wear his 3-6m footies and bodysuits from some brands).

Needless to say, you actually end up spending less on baby clothes even though the cost per item is more expensive.

3. Resell value insanity

On top of that, no one will buy your old washed-off clothes from Carter’s your kid grew out of after a few weeks. In fact, I can’t even get rid of them for free for weeks.

But, bamboo clothes can look just as good as new and due to their limited edition prints, you can pretty much resell them easily.

Even our cat loves bamboo. He’s been trying to evict the baby out of changing table cover.


Apart from the obvious that we tried them all, I can say that I know this market inside and out. I fell in love with bamboo and started my own bamboo baby clothing brand (which I closed due to a move later).

I got to know all the nitty gritty details about baby fashion, how is it all made, and tested many fabrics (not all bamboo fabrics are the same) and therefore now I can give my honest opinions on all big and small bamboo clothing brands for babies and toddlers.

Below are my honest objective reviews of the most popular and best bamboo clothing companies, along with some smaller and lesser-known. I’m constantly adding new ones once I test them personally.

Most Popular Bamboo Baby Clothes Brands

1. Kyte Baby (bamboo)

Best For | Bamboo rompers & sleep bags
Products | Baby + Toddler + Adults
Sizing | Runs big
Ships To | International
Price Range | $$

Kyte is many parents’ favorite brand because of its simple, yet stylish prints and availability of simple solid rompers.

On the mid-range side for pricing, but they sell quality items with great resell value. Shipping is often slower depending on the volume of their orders I guess (but they’re also on Amazon).

Their clothes contain 97% of viscose from bamboo, vs 95% for other companies.

Get $10 off your first purchase.

My honest Kyte Baby review:

Kyte wasn’t the first company on the market, but many think it was (Kickee was actually). Their prints are slightly “European delicate style” most of the time as it’s just solids and small things on a white background which is quite transparent if a child is wearing a diaper that’s not blank white.

I won’t lie to you, some of their things are peeling way faster and more intensively than any other company. When asked, the company said it’s due to the fact they have 97% bamboo and not 95%, but not sure if that’s an actual reason.

I started using a clothing shaver for that (my mom and I used to have clothing shaving days when I was little) and it can basically make my peeling footies look like new again.

I’m happy with their crib sheets and jumpsuits, not so much with footies. It’s much softer than other brands but looks too transparent to me.

Their sizing is often off and runs huge on baby items, tiny on small toddler pajamas and huge on larger kids sizes. To the extent I had so much space in 10Y pajamas (and I’m 5’7) that it could easily fit me when I was pregnant.

Their sleep bags are thicker than Posh in higher TOGs which for many is a good thing, but they feel too heavy for my kids. On the other hand, the 0.5 TOG feels way too flimsy so it really depends on what you like. Some people prefer it.

Verdict: Go for it.

2. Free Birdees

Best For | Footies, rompers, blankets
Products | Pajamas, blankets, sheets, underwear
Sizing | Small
Ships To | International
Price Range | $$

Free Birdees is a relatively small shop with cute designs, mostly watercolor-type prints.

They release new prints every month with lots of gender-neutral prints.

Their customer service is beyond amazing. I can assure you that you’ll be blown away – I was!

Get $10 off your first purchase.

My honest Free Birdees review:

Free Birdies is great, the owner is super sweet in the way she talks to her customers and how much she cares. I’ve never experienced such personal touch and care from an online boutique before. I was blown away by their customer service.

The clothes tend to run on the smaller side. Footies hold up for a long time with minor peeling, so I’ll definitely be buying more but sizing up (Holden was 5 months old when he was wearing 6-12m and it was a tight fit on him). The material is thicker which is great in terms of potential holes and durability, but it does have less stretch and thinner bamboo.

That said, size up. Prints are unique and many have a twist like different romper’s sleeves in the narwhal print.

It’s also the only brand in which my husband agreed to match with me and the kids. He kept sayign he doesn’t want or need more pajamas, but when I made him open the package and try his on he admitted that “this one is pretty cool” and a month later he said he could use another set 😉

Verdict: Definitely recommended.

3. Posh Peanut (bamboo)

Best For | Footies, twirls, mom lounge, blankets
Products | Baby + Toddler + Family Matching
Sizing | Depends on the item, but mostly TTS
Ships To | US, Canada, Australia
Price Range | $$

Posh Peanut is the most desired and popular bamboo clothing company for new customers, whether you like it or not. People either love it or hate it, there’s no “in-between”.

They release new prints constantly in different places (Nordstrom, small retailers, Saks) so people have lots of choices. Well, if you’re a girl mom at least.

Shipping speed depends on the drop – could be a day or a week, but it takes almost a week, but if you want to do something super quick they’re also on Amazon.

My honest Posh Peanut review:

Posh caters to an American audience so some prints haven’t been my cup of tea, but many I adore (like the chicken or cookies).

I wish their mom lounge didn’t run so huge, as S Lux really could fit two people my size, but there’s always size 10Y that I can fit into. My husband thinks it’s hilarious that I fit into kids’ sizes.

However, lots of prints are dropping at different retailers like Nordstrom or Saks without any notice and many moms are stalking those websites 24/7. Not sure how anyone has time for it.

I really like their crib sheets and sleep bags.

The problem is when you get a defective item. Defects can happen, but my main issue was that they oversell many things so if you get a defective item you cannot replace it with the same item and it can be frustrating. I make sure I inspect every item instantly – just in case.

Verdict: If you like the print, go for it. Make sure you inspect the item for defects as soon as you receive it.

4. Muse Threads

Best For | Footies, rompers, blankets
Sizing | True to size and not too tight
Ships To | International
Price Range | $$

Muse Threads is one of my favorites recently due to its bold and colorful, yet not cheesy or too busy designs.

Their prints feature artists from around the world so travelers would definitely appreciate it.

They have a small inventory, but I love their products (and they’re expanding) and the quality is THE best in the bamboo world objectively speaking.

Get 15% off by using this link.

My honest Muse Threads review:

I stumbled upon this company by accident as someone shared their penguin print somewhere. As we’re hardcore penguin lovers here, I loved it.

The company is run by two diplomats as a side business with no drama, just bold colorful designs. I appreciate it so much. It also peels very little and holds up extremely well for bamboo.

Their blankets are super thin even though they’re two-layered, so I’d say only use them for the summer or as a decoration.

Verdict: Definitely recommended.

5. Little Sleepies

Best For | Footies, pajamas, blankets
Products | Pajamas for babies and kids
Sizing | Runs very large
Ships To | International
Price Range | $$

Little Sleepies is currently one of the most popular companies. They sell online at at many boutiques.

Due to extremely high demand it’s hard to shop their drops and get everything you want, but if you’re not picky you’ll be fine.

Their sizing runs large, especially in rompers so keep it in mind.

My honest Little Sleepies review:

I tried Little Sleepies for the first time a while ago and I thought the quality was excellent. Two seasons later my toddler is still sleeping in his pajamas (and we use them around the house as well), so it’s holding up well. I’m aware they had issues with their Disney launch with loose threads, but I managed to score a Toy Story pajamas and had no problems with it.

I personally don’t love all their designs, but it’s a personal preference. I’m glad everything is created by actual artists and not pure Shutterstock so I won’t see the same designs at Walmart later 😉

Their things sell insanely quickly, so you need to be on their website during the launch, which is surely frustrating because I don’t want to be online 24/7 but in that case, I just buy whatever is left.

The sizing is off on various items. I knew their rompers were running big, before I got some but I would say the sizing is still a hit or miss so my friend suggested I order two sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit (which is the best tip, to be honest!). Some solid pajamas in 4T fit my son great, but then I got a shirt in 4T and it was over his knees and honestly fit me quite well and I’m 5’7. Then I got a hoodie and we only needed to go one size down.

Verdict: Go for it!

6. Bums & Roses (formerly Little Bum Bums)

Best For | Footies, rompers, blankets
Products | Baby + Toddler + Mama
Sizing | Runs a bit small
Ships To | US/Canada
Price Range | $$

Little Bum Bums is a retailer that grew very quickly. They sell mostly bamboo, so it’s ultra-soft like butter and super gentle on baby’s skin. Mostly, as they recently expanded to some non-bamboo items as well.

I’d also like to mention they have excellent customer service.

My honest Little Bum Bums review:

I ordered from them way before they were even popular and most things were half off. Ironically, now these old discounted prints are highly desirable on BST as the company took off. I got hooked. Some prints are a total hit for me (like the Day of the Dead or Halloween ones), but I must admit that lots of prints are too much for me personally.

Customer service is great, they’re always incredibly quick to reply. Their blankets are bigger than standard PP blankets which is nice, but not long enough to work as an adult blanket. It doesn’t stop my toddler from loving them though!

Our blankets are still going strong, even though they get a lot of usage around the house. One thing I do love the most from LBB are their women’s pants – they’re super comfy in the waist and unlike some others can fit comfortably every body shape.

Verdict: If you like the print, go for it!

7. Dreamiere

Best For | Footies, pajamas, dresses
Products | Pajamas for babies and toddlers
Sizing | True to size
Ships To | International
Price Range | $$

Dreamiere is a relatively newer company that already proved its quality to the customers.

They make designs for both boys and girls and while it’s still only the standard “pajamas and rompers” their bold and original designs are rememberable.

Get $10 off your first order.

My honest Dreamiere review:

I only heard of Dreamiere (formerly Dream Jamms) at random but was happy to see how much their value customers’ feedback about upcoming designs. The material feels thicker than most brands (you cannot really see it with the naked eye, but if you look into the technical features of the material then you’ll know), so it’s a huge plus.

Verdict: Recommended.

8. Birdie Bean

Best For | Nursery, pajamas, blankets
Products | Apparel, outerwear & accessories (for babies, toddlers)
Sizing | Small
Ships To | International
Price Range | $$

Birdie Bean is a newer company with an assortment of bright and colorful prints for babies and toddlers.

They’re also available through smaller retailers which is very convenient.

My honest Birde Bean review:

I love their prints. They’re bright and unique, yet not too busy or awkward and never had any issues with quality. They used to cater to mostly girls, but recently expanded to boy and gender-neutral styles. The junk food and rodeo prints were our favorites.

It has become harder to shop and I wish they’d up the inventory so I wouldn’t need to hunt for their items from boutique to boutique as it’s all sold out within the first hour of the drop and restocks never happen. That part is frustrating.

Verdict: Go for it!

9. Kate Quinn Organics (bamboo + cotton)

Best For | Organic rompers & overalls
Products | Baby + Toddler
Sizing | Runs a bit big
Ships To | US
Price Range | $

Kate Quinn Organics offers boho designs with the best quality on the market if you ask me – it makes things in India and not China. Their products are the cheapest on the market.

They use 100% organic cotton, modal, and bamboo and every single product I got was good quality and totally worth the price that’s way lower than anywhere else.

Their loyalty program is kick-ass and can save you a lot of money on cashback. Plus, if you spend $250 you get invited to their outlet where you can buy surprise bags (right picture below) for very little money with random things.

My honest Kate Quinn review:

I love Kate Quinn because they have a variety of clothing styles, not just pajamas and loungewear. Their designs are boho and toned down with lots of solids. A bit like an old-school European style and my personal favorite. My husband calls our son a “vintage baby” when he wears it 😉

Shopping is frustrating these days, especially for older kids. You need to be in their Facebook VIP group to get early access before each drop (before the general public) and even still this is the only company I’ve never managed to get a blanket from. In fact, the latest drop I didn’t even manage to score a stupid bib.

The quality is great, very long-lasting. Sizing really depends on the material since they’re releasing a ton of different materials depending on the drop.

10. Kickee Pants

Best For | regular wear
Products | Babies, Toddlers, Children, Adults
Sizing | True to size
Ships To | International
Price Range | $$

Kickee was the first bamboo clothing company in the US. In fact, another big company started as their retailer.

They have the most variety of clothes, not just pajamas and loungewear. You can buy hoodies, women’s dresses, anything you want from them. They even cater to pets.

My honest Kickee review:

I’m mostly happy with what I got from them, apart from pillowcases as they feel a bit like silk and not bamboo.

One thing is their customer service. It’s definitely lacking and you need to pay for your own returns (they won’t even send you a label), so if something doesn’t fit it sucks – unless you order from their Amazon store.

Verdict: Yes, but order from their Amazon store or one of their retailers instead of directly.

11. Little Crowns & Capes

Best For | Rompers, dresses, pajamas
Sizing | True to size
Ships To | International
Price Range | $$

The newest company Little Crowns & Capes has wonderful prints that bring childhood memories but aren’t too much “in your face” with an overload of color and design.

The quality is great and I expect a lot of new fun prints from them soon!

12. Angel Dear

Best For | Footies, rompers, blankets
Sizing | True to size
Ships To | International
Price Range | $$

Angel Dear has super soft pajamas and nursery items in bamboo and muslin.

bamboo baby pajamas

My honest Angel Dear review:

The quality of Angel Dear is good, close to no pilling. Wish their prints were less cartoonish as many things disappear in the background, but that’s just my personal opinion.

Their sizing is definitely off, depending on the item. I recently purchased a few different things and bodysuits run true to size, while footies are at least a size or two bigger than they should be and have no anti-skid which is a bummer.

If you’re a newer company and want to get reviewed, contact me.

Recommended Boutiques for Bamboo Clothing

On top of buying from a brand directly, you can also visit a local retailer (baby clothing store) that might carry bamboo or order from well-known small boutiques online. I can personally vouch for those boutiques as I ordered from them on various occasions and never experienced an issue

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