by Anna Karsten

Cybex Gazelle S Double Stroller Review

A lot comes to mind when you’re thinking of getting the best stroller for your baby. Of course, the comfortability and safety of the stroller are the first things anyone should consider.

However, the ease of monitoring your child and that peace of mind you get knowing exactly how your baby is doing is equally vital. Any stroller that makes it easier for me to bond with my baby while I’m in total control gets the nod from me.

I started my stroller journey with Uppababy Vista as it’s probably THE trendiest stroller in the USA. However, while it was a well-made stroller I quickly sold it as I realized that way too heavy and bulky and pretty useless for two kids that aren’t twins due to seat configurations and weight limit.

Since I’m due with my second soon I was on the hunt for the best double stroller out there.

One stroller caught my eye recently, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands was a new release from Cybex Gazelle S stroller. After using this stroller for a few weeks I’m pretty satisfied with it, but there are a few things I’m certain that you should know about it.

Full disclosure: I bought this product myself. I wasn’t paid or given a sample, so this review is as objective as can be. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

All parts of Cybex Gazelle S stroller after unpacking.

Beautiful Design

The Cybex Gazelle S stroller sports a nice design (I’ve had other parents give it glowing compliments).

Its sports top-quality fabrics and the premium design is down to a sturdy aluminum frame and simple color of your choice – navy, black, grey and taupe (I got navy).

This stroller ticks all the important boxes and offers additional functions as well. The extra features are more important than most new users might immediately realize.

This list includes the shopping basket, rain cover, car seat adapters (for non-Cybex cars seats), and cup holder. All of those come already included in the box.

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Cybex Convertible Single to Double Stroller

The thoughtfulness that went into designing the Cybex Gazelle S is impressive. A “convertible” stroller is nothing new, but it takes a little more effort than I’d like to design it well.

The Gazelle S has impressed me so far as it’s relatively easy to convert from a single to a double stroller. It has plenty of suitable configurations, including a possibility to put the newborn and later younger sibling on the top closer to the parent (Uppababy didn’t allow this due to weight limitations).

It can support the weight of my big toddler seamlessly, regardless of the seat. The construction supports more than twenty different setups for babies and toddlers.

You can adjust the stroller to either face forwards or backward (the parent-facing mode) so that your baby can look directly at you. The Gazelle S stroller also has an additional kid board that can accommodate up to three children. Or two kids and a cat or small dog in the basket 😉

Speaking of the basket, this stroller has a shopping basket that can hold up to 28 lbs of shopping items. It’s removable and falls into the category of extra-large stroller baskets.

Even when I’m not going shopping, there’s usually something extra I like to put in there like a bag or diaper bag.

When I absolutely don’t need it though or when I add the second seat, I detach the basket and there’s still plenty of room in the underneath basket.

Carseat Compatible

Just like on any other Cybex stroller I’m able to use Cybex’s car seat without any adapters with an adaptable 3-in-1 travel system. While expensive, Cybex Cloud Q carseat is the best on the market.

It’s the only car seat that allowed a flat recline when put on a stroller or taken out of the base, which means that you baby can safely stay in a car seat for a while and there’s no need for an extra bassinet.

While everyone does it in the US it’s simply not safe to go on walks and around town in a standard infant car seat for longer than 2h a day. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against routine sleeping in sitting devices as the angle can cause suffocation and damage to airways. Cybex’s car seat doesn’t cause these issues.

We bring this car seat to various places so the baby is comfortable and protected from the wind.

Seat Functions

Cybex’s seats are always known for great functions, one of which is a big recline. The seats recline to a pretty much flat position. It’s easy and quick to switch things up a bit for your baby’s comfort.

Cybex Gazelle S has comfortable large seats compared to other strollers. They can hold up to 50 lbs for both seat units. I had to buy the second seat unit separately, though (by default, the stroller only comes with one seat).

Easy Folding

Parents know the frustration when trying to fold your baby stroller and it just wouldn’t budge. I’ve been there. The irritation multiplies when I need to do something else right away.

Gazelle folds easily and quickly. Although it doesn’t have a one-hand fold as it requires two steps, it can be folded with one hand actually which is handy when you’re holding the baby.

I must say I’m usually relieved by how easy it is to fold this stroller. It just never gets stuck halfway during folding like other brands I’ve used in the past. When folded it’s much smaller than any other double stroller I’ve seen and fits easily in my trunk, while many others do not.

Extra-large Canopy

One of the notable things I look out for in a stroller is its canopy. I don’t go out in the sun without wearing sunscreen. I’m not sure if my babies’ skins will be as sensitive to sunlight as mine when they grow up, but I’ve chosen not to take any chances.

The Cybex Gazelle S stroller has an XXL sun canopy that you can extend (I often take it to the max) to shield your baby from dangerous rays in sunlight. The canopy also comes with a mesh window that your baby can breathe through on really hot days. It’s not only suitable for sunny days; your baby would be home and dry when it rains.

Adjustable Handlebar

I love adjustable handlebars because my partner and I can use the stroller whenever we want. The leatherette handlebar ensures that I have a firm grip on the stroller.

Once it’s my partner’s turn to take our lovelies for a stroll, it’s easy to adjust and comfortable to steer the stroller.

The handlebar’s grip is also easy to push with one hand, making it easy to me to be in absolute control of the stroller no matter what.

I’m 5’7 – my handlebar in this photo is fully extended.

Foot Break

You can also lock the wheels so that the stroller does not move when you park it. It’s so natural to hold the brakes – just use your toes!

The Cybex Gazelle S Stroller has a toe-tap function for holding brakes and an all-wheel suspension with frame shock absorption for a less bumpy ride.

Cybex Gazelle S with one seat and no basket attached.

Any Cons?

There is no stroller without cons – there’s always something that can be improved. One thing I noticed is that when your shopping basket isn’t filled with something heavy or removed, it’s a bit hard to lift the stroller to the curb.

That said, I recommend putting your purse or baby bag in the basket if you’re using a single-seat shopping option.

That said, since two kids weigh significantly more than one it wasn’t extremely easy to lift if, but we actually solved the issue by getting a kid board. It comes with a pole you attach to the frame and even when we don’t use the board we leave it there. It makes it MUCH easier to put your foot on that pole to lift the stroller.

I cannot say much about the kid buggy board, because my toddler refuses to use it and it’s been months. I’ll update when he decides it’s cool enough for him I guess.

Pole from the kid board pictured here. Stroller rides well on the gravel.

I recommend Cybex Gazelle S Stroller!

The Cybex Gazelle S stroller is now the first baby stroller I’d recommend to anyone on top of my favorite travel stroller – Babyzen Yoyo+.

It’s easy to take apart and reassemble, and you don’t need any help to do so. It’s also durable with a large canopy that keeps the skin safe.

While future stroller models continue to emerge, I can boldly say I have complete satisfaction with the Cybex Gazelle S stroller. 

Now, I’ll be brutally honest. I think Cybex is the best single to double stroller, but once your newborn is able to sit it’s definitely better to get a side by side stroller (unless you live in places like Italy, then you won’t be able to enter anywhere with it.

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